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Don’t Be A Gold Digger, Be A Goal Digger!


Dear Feminism,

As a female, I appreciate that I can go to school and have any type of career I want in this country. Women from the past fought hard for us to live our dream and independence, but it seems like most women do not want to take of themselves and have a man do the job for them. For example, most women rather fish for a rich man to tie a knot with and drop a baby on him so he can pay HER. Yes, I said it. If you wonder why most of these celebrity baby-mamas look so good in their high and expensive outfits, their child support paycheck comes from the rich man.

If you look at most of these reality shows like Millionaire MatchmakerHousewives of (Atlanta, Miami, etc)Basketball WivesLove & Hip Hop. These shows show that in order for women to survive in this world, they have to marry a rich man to take care of them. These shows are not just brainwashing women, but young girls too.

Television is not the only thing that is brainwashing us. It is music as well. Every day on the radio, you will listen to some of these female singers’ lyrics like “He buys me everything I want”, “My man is my daddy”, and “He takes care of me.”  Obviously, the father figure is their boyfriend instead of their own real father who took care of them much longer than their boyfriend. Never in my life I am going to call a man dad. That is not in my nature to do that.

NOTE: Ladies, there is nothing wrong with having a relationship with a rich man, but love HIM for HIM, not his money.

There is nothing wrong with having a baby with a rich man, but before you do, make sure that BOTH of you are ready to bring a child into the world.  Every baby needs parent, but not every parent needs a baby.  Lately, you listen to all of these men having so many babies from other women struggling to pay child support. In my opinion, it takes two to have a child. If the man used a condom, he would not be in this mess. If the woman used birth control and see that the man is not ready for child, she would respect that.

There are certain women I respect. I respect women who are ambitious, strong, and independent to take care of  themselves.

Life Lesson #63:  Don’t be a gold digger, be a goal digger. Reach for that goal and I promise you will get there.

Lady Elle~

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My Pretty Little Liars Review: Season 4 , Episode 17


Hello Pretty Little Liars Fans! My gosh! Last night’s episode was the episode that I have been waiting for a long time! Finally, we get some more answers than questions.  Last night I was expecting another confusing episode, but thanks to my favorite liar, Spencer, she decided to give us all a break and excitement.  So let us discuss about Season 4, Episode 17!

Emily & Spencer

So from last week’s episode, Emily got upset with Spencer for crashing her reunion with Alison. So, last night’s episode, Emily was still upset with Spencer, and wasn’t trying to hear Spencer’s apologies. If I can remember, I think Aria was the one to tell Emily that Spencer was only trying to protect her, but Emily was not trying to hear it.

Emily was being a little bitchy not only to Spencer, but to her dad as well in this episode.  Her father was only trying to help her by having her drive to school, but snappy Emily rather ride her bike.  However, she felt horrible when her father revealed that he has heart problems, after he saved her from A, who was scaring Emily at Rosewood High School.  Speaking of that scary scene with Emily and A, who was wearing that black hoodie? Obviously, it is not Ezra because the show would have revealed his face, but nope.  After the horrible event, eventually she forgives Spencer at the end of the episode.


So, from last night’s episode of PLL, Mona surprised Aria and Emily with her presence in Aria’s house. Why was Mona at Aria’s house? Well, Aria’s little brother Mike threw a house party and invited Mona. Not only Mike is talking to Mona, but also he was kissing Mona at Rosewood High like they are going steady. So I guess my question from this is: Why is Mona having connections with Mike? Aria figured out that Mike and Mona met at Rosewood High’s counseling group.  Aria confronted Mona to stay away from her brother because she believe Mona still have an evil agenda against her and her friends ,but Mona stood up for herself and said that she is no longer trying become friends with the liars. Instead, Mona said that she is officially done trying fit into the liar’s inner circle and to be honest, I would not blame her. I think Mona has done her evil deeds and has changed her ways by trying to gain the liar’s trust again. She saved Hannah’s mother from prison, which was the most loyal thing she did ….for Hannah. I do not remember if Mona did anything for Aria, Emily, and Spencer, but I know she rather help Hannah than them because she never was close to them as Hannah.

About Mona and Ezra, I am still not sure of what is up with them talking to each other in private, but I hope Mona is not going back, or continuing to be evil. I am really starting to like Mona and hoping that she can be part of the A mystery. She may be a bitch, but we need one when trying to figure out who is A. I mean, Spencer can be too, but we need a crazy tough bitch to get involved in this as well and Mona is the number one candidate.

Cheers for Spencer!

Before we start about Spencer discovering Ezra as “boy shorts”, Spencer finally realizes that she has been distracted with everyone’s problems and not realizing about hers. For example, that test that she forgot to study.  At first, I thought Spencer was going to go crazy again when she asked one of her classmates for energy pills. Is Spencer becoming a drug addict? I hope not, because I already forgave Spencer’s craziness when she was at Radley and when she was about to give a strip show to some random male classmate. If she becomes a drug addict, I am going to kick her out of my favorite character list. On the bright side, the energy pills did paid off when she discovered that Ezra was “boy shorts” from Alison’s diary. You know when Spencer discovers another suspect; she is going to harass him/her. Spencer has done this from the past seasons, but with Ezra, I am a bit nervous.

Well that is all for this weeks Pretty Little Liar Review. Check back for next week’s review!

Thank You For Reading!

Lady Elle~

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