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Happy Birthday, My Beloved Michael Jackson


Dear Michael Jackson Fans,

It has been nine years since God called you up to heaven to join the heavenly group of singing angels. It was the day before my sweet sixteen birthdays. My cousin Jazzy and I were listening to Michael Jackson’s music hits and copying every dance move as possible.


All of sudden, my mother shouted, “Michael Jackson is dying!” My heart sunken deep into my chest and anxiety just took over my whole body into panic.

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I ran upstairs as fast as I could to my mother’s bedroom to watch the terrifying news on televison. The news did not report about him being dead but did say that he was in a cardiac arrest. I felt a little better, because I had hope that he would fight it and be alright. An hour later, Michael Jackson’s older brother Jermaine Jackson made a public announcement that Michael passed away. My world just couldn’t get anymore dark.


Some of you can judge me as being dramatic, but Michael Jackson was the first musician I ever heard of. He was my first childhood crush. Ever since I was little, I always claimed him as my husband even when he was 35 years older than me. I did not care. Oh yes, I did tell my ex-boyfriends that as well.

So call me Mrs. Jackson…haha.

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The next day, I was still mourning on my way to the beach for my birthday trip. That whole weekend and even on the beach, I wore my fedora hat, white sequin socks, and black dress shoes.
Today is Michael Jackson’s birthday and I still cannot believe he is gone. I am here writing this blog post and watching every one of his beautiful and creative music videos. After watching all of his music videos, I will watch his live concert DVDs.
Yes, that is my yearly Michael Jackson birthday tradition. I do not celebrate his death day.

Sometimes I wonder what heaven is like now. I can see it, Michael, Prince, Whitney Houston, and James Brown composing some beautiful songs together for the Lord. When I die, I would love to join their choir. I bet the choir is totally jamming!

If you ask what my top favorite songs from Michael are, it would have to be “Remember the Time”, “Get on the Floor”, and “Human Nature”.
The best album to me will always be Off the Wall, not only the music, but it was my very first Michael Jackson album.



Overall, all of Michael Jackson’s music will always be remembered. He will always be the best musical entertainer in the world. I love you my dear true husband. You will always be in my heart.

Life Lesson #89:If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.” –Michael Jackson.

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Don’t Be A Gold Digger, Be A Goal Digger!


Dear Feminism,

As a female, I appreciate that I can go to school and have any type of career I want in this country. Women from the past fought hard for us to live our dream and independence, but it seems like most women do not want to take of themselves and have a man do the job for them. For example, most women rather fish for a rich man to tie a knot with and drop a baby on him so he can pay HER. Yes, I said it. If you wonder why most of these celebrity baby-mamas look so good in their high and expensive outfits, their child support paycheck comes from the rich man.

If you look at most of these reality shows like Millionaire MatchmakerHousewives of (Atlanta, Miami, etc)Basketball WivesLove & Hip Hop. These shows show that in order for women to survive in this world, they have to marry a rich man to take care of them. These shows are not just brainwashing women, but young girls too.

Television is not the only thing that is brainwashing us. It is music as well. Every day on the radio, you will listen to some of these female singers’ lyrics like “He buys me everything I want”, “My man is my daddy”, and “He takes care of me.”  Obviously, the father figure is their boyfriend instead of their own real father who took care of them much longer than their boyfriend. Never in my life I am going to call a man dad. That is not in my nature to do that.

NOTE: Ladies, there is nothing wrong with having a relationship with a rich man, but love HIM for HIM, not his money.

There is nothing wrong with having a baby with a rich man, but before you do, make sure that BOTH of you are ready to bring a child into the world.  Every baby needs parent, but not every parent needs a baby.  Lately, you listen to all of these men having so many babies from other women struggling to pay child support. In my opinion, it takes two to have a child. If the man used a condom, he would not be in this mess. If the woman used birth control and see that the man is not ready for child, she would respect that.

There are certain women I respect. I respect women who are ambitious, strong, and independent to take care of  themselves.

Life Lesson #63:  Don’t be a gold digger, be a goal digger. Reach for that goal and I promise you will get there.

Lady Elle~