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Post Grad Life: 1 1/2 Year Later



My Post Grad Life,

It has been 1 year and a half since graduating from college and the real world , as people call it, seems to get easier one day at a time. Therefore, let me update you with what’s been happening…

Work Life

Since graduating, I have worked in retail for a few years ( started my sophomore year in college) and had 1 temporary job as a Assessment Rater for the extra ka-ching in my bank account because retail does not pay all of your bills and I needed more money for fun.
Now, I work for a bank at a call center.


How is the call center life? Honestly, it is stressful and more complex than my previous work experiences because I feel like I am being watched every  minute of my daily eight hours.


When working at a call center, your calls are constantly being evaluated but that is not the frustrating part. The most annoying part are the unnecessary rules and procedures each rep have to follow. I am not saying that I don’t follow the rules, because I need to in order to keep my job and put bread on the table (more like new clothes and shoes in my closet lol).

As for the pay, it does pay wayyyy better than my retail job. With my paycheck, I am able to pay my bills and still have money left to shop, help my mother pay rent, and save up for my first apartment.

Do I intend to stay with the company? Well…I don’t have plans being in the call center for long (not more than 1 year) because I really want to do something that includes creativity where there are less rules so I can do what I want. Therefore, I am still trying to find my career-destiny…


Love & Dating Life
Being single and dating is complicated , weird, but full of possibilities. I have been single for more than a year. At the beginning, everything seemed so new doing most thing on my own again, but it was not hard because I am an only child so I am already immune to being on my own.

As for crushes, I have been crushing on people that I cannot have or just don’t have time to play game with. I had one guy who was tall , dark , and handsome. What I liked about him was his sense of style from his sophisticated suits to his African attire on casual Fridays that is totally Wakanda! . As for the bonus points, he can speak French. We both work for the same company ,but in different departments. For the past few months, we have been giving each other eye contact for about 3 months… that shit got old real quick. I made my move by starting a conversation and he complimented my dammit doll (it’s a stress relief object from Amazon: just click here.)

There is another guy that I like since day 1. What I like about him is that he is unique, carefree and laid back. I have developed a feeling that is more than a crush (more than all the crushes I had in the past) and it kills me, because of multiple reasons. For example, rumor has it, he is engaged ,but rumor has it that was 5 years ago. I never see a ring on his finger so whether he has somebody or not, I rather just keep the mystery a mystery . Another flaw of his is that he smokes, and I don’t date smokers ,but again….I did have a crush on a guy in college that smokes (makes me question what is really my type when it comes to guys). He is a vegetarian so I really do not understand the reason for eating healthy if he is still inhaling toxic, dangerous chemicals darkening his lungs like the black hole. Yes… I know its his life but it does not makes sense.


Physically, I need to get back to running because working at a call center where you are constantly sitting and receiving snacks from supervisors is just a huge risk of developing a desk-booty…

As for mental health, my Aunt Anxiety has been visiting much less than before. I went to see a therapist for a few months to clear my head and to learn the ways of coping and relaxing. What I learned about my anxiety is that it increases whenever there are change of plans. I also learned that there are times when you cannot control every single outcome in life. Therefore, Aunt Anxiety, don’t stop me now…



Life after college graduation is not bad. In fact, its actually great. While most folks continue to pursure their graduate degrees, I decided that I rather gain knowledge and insight of my surroundings in this world and to discover who I am and what I can do in life because it builds more character for me than any college degree.

Life Lesson#95: Never be afraid of the unknowns of life. Your purpose will soon reveal itself day by day, I promise.

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A Perfect Life Sucks!

life 1

Dear Life,

Before I graduated from college, my mind was on Optimistic Island, where I believed that completing a college degree is going to lead me into a world full of fine jobs starting at least on a $30,000 salary scale…

life 2

Oh boy was I DEAD wrong!

life 3

In case some of you are new to this blog site ,or probably missed some of my previous “post-grad blog series”, after college, I went to career fairs, applied for numerous job positions, and tried to network with friendly strangers (also became single for the first time in six years). In result, I held a temporary job as an assessment rater (graded state-wide tests) and now, I am back working full-time (more like 30 hours per week) in retail…

Now of course, there is appreciation for having a job to pay my bills and survive, but to make a living on my own is very impossible.

life 4

However, I am still job-hunting for something better. I just have to keep trying and sometimes use the job I have now to meet and network because you never know who you will meet that will change some of your life for the better.

Gosh, I do envy my cousin sometimes. She is older, currently trying to finish her college degree, but already has a job working for an insurance company that pays her so well that she is able to live on her own and travel to places every season like Las Vegas!

life 6

As for me, I am back living with my mother. However, I cannot complain, but stress that I am not where I want to be right now. On some days, I do question my abilities and wonder what I am doing wrong to prevent greater opportunities from coming. I know for one thing,   I do not fear.

When it comes to job-hunting, I refuse to feel inferior to the hiring managers even when I am a bit nervous. I pretend that I am casually meeting new potential friends with a spice of professionalism of course.

As for applying for jobs, I am only applying three to  five times a week since I have a retail job to fall back on. Before, I was putting so much pressure and stress on me  applying for at least 20 jobs per day to the point when I get emails from different companies about a job interview (mostly  rejection) and I barely remembered which companies I applied for.


life 7

Forrest is right…life is like a box of chocolates…I will never know what I am going to get.

life 8.gif

However, life has never been easy. Life is suppose to have struggles, pain, and suffering.

Imagine if life is forever perfect! That will suck, right?

Let’s take…Odysseus for example.  What if he did not have to fight in the Trojan War, bang all the goddesses, and go through hell to return back home to Ithaca. What the plot just said that he went to war, won the war, and returned home to spend time with his son? That will be a boring story, right?

Here is another example, what if Mufasa from the Lion King movie never died? What if Scar was really a good uncle? Would Simba really be the rightful and happy king of the pride lands without the suffering and discovering who he was with the help of Timon and Pumba?! Without Timon and Pumba, we will never know Hakuna Matata!

life 9

What I am trying to say is that…LIFE IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE PERFECT!

It is okay to go through some things that we sometimes cannot control like our emotions and mentality! If you have depression, anxiety, or other mental illness that is preventing you from having joy, remember that you are creating a beautiful life story of getting better even it is one step at a time. When you come out of that dark moment of your life, you should celebrate it and share that perfect dark yet beautiful life story to someone who is still in the dark trying to get out.  Of course mental illness is not a perfect happy story, but it is a perfect uplifting inspiration for someone who needs to hear it to know that they are NOT alone.

Having an imperfect life defines who we are. So Forrest, pass that box of chocolates!

life 10


Life Lesson #87: “Life does not give you seat-belts.” -Lego Batman

Thank You,

Lady Elle~