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America Needs to Laugh More

Dear American Life,


The country has not been the same since the beginning of the Presidential election. Words can only express how I feel about our current nationwide situation. My heart hurts for the people who are dealing with the stress, anxiety , and despair of the current events that had, has, and will happen.

This week I had to shut off my television, take a break from social media, and refrain from any conversation about politics. I needed a complete body, mind, and spirit refresh to focus mainly on me.


On Wednesday night, I went to one of my weekly women’s bible study. Every bible study session, we would discuss about the christian-like flaws as young women, wives, and grandmothers. This week’s topic was about laughter.

Laughter was a topic every woman in that session needed because everything around us is getting crazy.

So America (and World), when was the last time we laughed? Not snickering, giggling, or chuckle. I mean that STRONG high climax laugh, that barely-breathing-crying-joy- stomach tightening -face-reddening  laugh. Laugh so consistent that one minute you stop laughing,but later keep rolling on the ground.


I say it has been a while since I had a good laugh. In fact, the last gut-tightening laugh I had was when my mother and I was on the highway heading to see my grandmother. Note, my mother was driving and her driving can be very scary due to all of the speeding, and sharp turns, and most of all the hard last minute braking!

In the car, the radio was playing “Emotions” by Mariah Carey. This was my favorite song because I love to sing all the high whistle notes. Therefore, I challenged my mother to see who can sing the highest.

Of course we could not reach those challenging high-notes….well…at my mother couldn’t. No we both were epic failures on that song. But that was not the funny part.

The funny part was when I challenged myself to sing the most challenging high note of the song when Mariah sings “…When you’re lookin into my eyes…You make me feel so high.”

Well by the time I tried to reach that high note my mother all of sudden pumped the brakes hard almost hitting a car in front of us. I was singing from “HIGHHHHHHH to HIG-AHHHHHHHHHHHH, screaming in fear like a woman in a horror movie.

My mother laughed so hard and the laughter did not hit until a few seconds later. I could NOT breathe. I was dying with laughter. It was perfect timing that day because I was so stressed out trying to graduate from college.

I surely believe that laughter does heal the soul. I wished everyday I can have a good laugh. Most of all, I want everyone especially, America to laugh more.

Talk to your friends and family, watch a funny movie or video, go to a local comedy show, or just get plain goofy!

Let us have more joy in our lives. Everyone needs a laugh to heal from the negativity.

Life Lesson #81: “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” by Charlie Chaplin.

Thank You,

Lady Elle~

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We Need Political and American Correctness!

Clinton, Trump pick up big wins

Dear Political Life,

I don’t always feel comfortable about discussing politics, but due to this year’s crazy election, I have to put my opinion in. So let us talk politics.

Trump and Hilary are fighting for the white house. Everyday on the news and twitter, all I have been hearing is just scandal from both Trump and Hilary. From the emails, the plagiarized speeches, the ignorance, the shade, and the dirty. Politics has always been a dirty business (duh, nothing new).

Republicans and Democrats want”unity” ,and that bothers me because if they really want to unify, there would not  be a Republican and a Democrat party in the first place.There would only be ONE unified party and that is THE PEOPLE. We are all humans with different ideals that are not fully Republican or Democrat.

Speaking of Republican and Democrats voters, I just need to say this. Just because you are Republican and Democrat DOES NOT mean that you have to vote for only  your party ALL THE TIME! For example,  Republicans are attacking other Republicans due to some of them voting for Democrat due to the disagreements of the Republican candidate.  Come on folks, this is democracy. People have the right vote to for the opposite party. People insulting their own party members is just childish. People acting like its college football with die-hard fans and childish rivalry.

I do respect people who do vote for candidates from the  opposite party sometimes because I feel like they are more open-minded and want unity. Voting for the same party where it does not matter who is running for your party even if that person does represent conservative or liberal ideas is just foolish.

In result of this year’s crazy election, this election has got to be the WORST Election and the most foolish. This year’s choices are just sad, but I still need to vote. We all need to vote to let our voices be heard because that is the American way. Not voting is not going to make a difference. If you have no choice between Trump and Hilary just vote to who is at least close to your ideals.

Lastly, about the people who complain about the lack of progress in this country, just to let you know that it is not the government’s fault, it is ours, therefore, stop blaming the president, the governor, the mayor, or anybody who were elected to make change in this country.

We have the rights of freedom in this country to not just live with it, but to make change as well. If you don’t like what you see and it seems like certain things are improving slowly or not at all, (excuse my dirty English) GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING! You don’t have to be a politician to change things in this country.  You are an American and that is all you need to be to make a difference. Making a difference is not bashing the president on twitter 24/7. I never been a president (don’t want to), but a  president can only do much and not a lot to satisfy every person’s needs. Therefore, let me clarify with a perfect quote by John F. Kennedy,

“My Fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Do not take this country in vain without responsibility.  If you want to make America “great again”or want “change”, you can’t depend on a politician to do the work for you. You have to do your share of responsibility as well.


Lady Elle~