The Transformation Of Becoming A Healthy Woman





Dear Health,

For a few years I have been struggling with losing a few pounds after starting birth control, college binging, and love. Do not get me wrong about love. I am not blaming my boyfriend for this or regret falling in love with him because I love my handsome,loving gentleman. Let us face it folks, gaining weight is one of the main side effects when being in love. If some of you “lucky couples” never had this side effect, maybe you guys are very strick on dieting  and exercising or you two are not really in love with each other like you guys thought you were.

On the bright side, weight gain due to love is reversible. All you got to do is just get up and move and eat healthy. What will be better is to do this with your partner. It is more fun than working out with a friend, especially a female friend. From my experiences, it is always competition, bashing, and complaining when working out with other women. Competition is a natural trait in every animal including human beings but females take competition more seriously than men in  my opinion. For males, they compete and end it once and for all ,but females compete constantly and mostly with few of the same women they do not like. For once I want to see females compete with men. Let us make history for once. Stop bringing other females down, bring them up. Instead of being jealous of her, compliment her. If she bashes you, smile and move on. Show her a better example of a being a lady.  A wise man said that you waste more energy being bitter than being sweet. Preserve your energy by smiling.

Back to the weight loss struggle, I want to take my time. This is not a resolution because resolutions are full of nonsense like television. My first step is to learn to eat healthy  for my internal body. Next, Zumba ! I have to get to know my body before I bust a sweat. That means I got a date with body and hopefully it goes well.

Life Lesson #67: In order to change the world, you must learn to change yourself.

Life Lesson #68: Date yourself and love yourself before you love somebody else.

Thank You,

Lady Elle~

Don’t Be A Gold Digger, Be A Goal Digger!


Dear Feminism,

As a female, I appreciate that I can go to school and have any type of career I want in this country. Women from the past fought hard for us to live our dream and independence, but it seems like most women do not want to take of themselves and have a man do the job for them. For example, most women rather fish for a rich man to tie a knot with and drop a baby on him so he can pay HER. Yes, I said it. If you wonder why most of these celebrity baby-mamas look so good in their high and expensive outfits, their child support paycheck comes from the rich man.

If you look at most of these reality shows like Millionaire MatchmakerHousewives of (Atlanta, Miami, etc)Basketball WivesLove & Hip Hop. These shows show that in order for women to survive in this world, they have to marry a rich man to take care of them. These shows are not just brainwashing women, but young girls too.

Television is not the only thing that is brainwashing us. It is music as well. Every day on the radio, you will listen to some of these female singers’ lyrics like “He buys me everything I want”, “My man is my daddy”, and “He takes care of me.”  Obviously, the father figure is their boyfriend instead of their own real father who took care of them much longer than their boyfriend. Never in my life I am going to call a man dad. That is not in my nature to do that.

NOTE: Ladies, there is nothing wrong with having a relationship with a rich man, but love HIM for HIM, not his money.

There is nothing wrong with having a baby with a rich man, but before you do, make sure that BOTH of you are ready to bring a child into the world.  Every baby needs parent, but not every parent needs a baby.  Lately, you listen to all of these men having so many babies from other women struggling to pay child support. In my opinion, it takes two to have a child. If the man used a condom, he would not be in this mess. If the woman used birth control and see that the man is not ready for child, she would respect that.

There are certain women I respect. I respect women who are ambitious, strong, and independent to take care of  themselves.

Life Lesson #63:  Don’t be a gold digger, be a goal digger. Reach for that goal and I promise you will get there.

Lady Elle~

Women And Their Natural Bitchy Mystique


Dear Feminism,

Females.  The spicy, the cattiest, and also the most bitching since the day men and women were created.  Why is that? I guess it is in our deep rooted traits that we cannot help but show our bitchy flaw at time to time , but before we go on further about that, I would like to give the different definitions of the word “bitch” so we can refresh our knowledge of what it means.  So therefore, excuse my french for using the word “bitch” throughout the whole blog post, but I need to use it to break my points down.

Bitch \ˈbich\ (noun)

1. A female dog

2. Immoral woman

3. A woman that is considered spiteful, malicious, or overbearing

4. A man considered weak or contemptible

As we can obviously see, the word “bitch” is mostly target towards mostly females. As for definition number one, language changes overtime and I highly doubt we call our female dogs bitches anymore. As for number four, I cannot wait to get to that point, but first I am going to talk about the females first.

As a female, I completely with all bets agree that each and every female has an inner bitch ,especially the type of bitch we are ,or what type of  bitch we have dealt with. Therefore,  I have made a list below of the different types of bitches that roams on planet earth.

The Types of Bitches

1. The Manipulator Bitch

2.  The Self-Centered Bitch

3.  The Bossy Bitch

4.  The Psycho Bitch

5.  The Criticizer Bitch

6.  The “Perfect” Bitch

7.  The Mega-Jealous Bitch

8. The Normal Bitch

I think out of the eight types of bitches I have dealt with three of them, but mostly the mega-jealous bitches. I do not know, but all my life I seem to attract the mega-jealous bitches than the other types on the list. For example, I remember when I met this girl from children’s choir practice.  I call her the HolyBlowfish because every time we would see each other she would always give me that angry-blowfish look as if I did something bad to her and I have not. In fact, I do not even know her, nor talk to her because we only see each other in church. Last Sunday, we saw each other again. I guess The Holy Blowfish recognized me before I sat down and I later realized that she was sitting four rows ahead of me. Funny, because she still looks back at me as if she is disgusted and I just kept ignoring her because I don’t know her.  Maybe she wants to be my friend. Maybe she has mistaken me as for somebody else. Maybe she is just one of those mega-jealous bitches. Who knows?

As for me, out of the whole list, I feel as if I am considered a normal bitch because I can get jealous or irritated from time to time ,but I don’t let that affect me as much as the other types because I move on with my life and enjoy it.

I think every woman should appreciate her inner-bitch because with that trait we can defend ourselves and not be afraid of what we want. Besides, most men enjoy feisty women.  It is okay to be bitchy at time-to-time, but just make sure the bitchiness does not grow too big or else your “normal”  inner bitch can turn into one of the ugly types like the list above.  Ladies we must act like ladies because not everyone wants to deal with a crazy bitch and that is a fact.

Okay, now it is time to discuss about the new  definition of the word “bitch” that men use to target towards other men. I know some females have an issue about men calling other men bitches because it seems like they are saying if the man is weak then females are referred as weak too.  In my opinion, I don’t really care of why or how men started calling each other bitches ,but to me they have a point, because men also have an inner-bitch in them too ,but not as much as women do because they do not hold a grudge as much women.  In that case, I do not find a man calling another man a bitch offensive. Although, I am against a man calling a female a bitch unless that woman is one of the ugly types of bitches on the list above.

As for rap music and other music genres, I think women should just let it be, because these rappers have the freedom of speech as everyone else and what we need to understand is that just because the rappers use the word “bitch” does not mean the word is target towards all women.  Rappers only use the word “bitch” towards the type of women who are…explicit.  Therefore, if you are not explicit like the rappers describe their meaning of the word “bitch” then it is not target against you.

Girls, Its alright to be bitchy sometimes ,but I do believe females and myself should learn to manage our inner-bitch before it gets out- of- hand.  Men, do not call a woman a bitch unless she is one of the crazy ones on the list and also use this advice when you are in a relationship.  Relationships are not easy and if you know deep down in your heart that she is a good woman then there is no reason to call her a bitch.

Life Lesson # 34:  We should always show respect, it does not matter whether you are a male ,or a female.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~