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Hello My Dear Aunt Anxiety, its you again..

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Dear Mental Health,

Since graduating from college two years ago and entering this whole new universe of the real world, I have developed more than normal anxiety that seems to affect my everyday life to the point of losing my confidence and self-esteem that I  have built during college.

Before college the only anxiety I had was only minor like test anxiety because I was not  the  best exam taker due to my previous learning disability when it comes to mental processing, but I was confident with my studying and worked hard to earn As and Bs each semester. With making good grades and making friends in college help build my confidence and self esteem. College felt like  pleasure island where you believed you can be anything in the world once you earn that college degree…

Now, in the real world, my dear Aunt Anxiety decided to challenge me into a whole new level. The lump feeling in my throat turned into obsessive thoughts of my life decisions and the fear of failure.  The anxiety became so overwhelming, I felt as though my secret weapons against it were no longer working.



If you ask if I also have depression, I was when I was on hormonal medication. It felt like every night I take it, I feel so much sadder to the point there was a morning where I could not stop crying. I had no reason behind the tears. The tears were just flowing like a continuous broken pipe. Therefore, I had to end it all together so I can be myself mentally.


After ending my hormonal medicine, within two weeks, I was myself again. I no longer feel depressed, but my dear Aunt Anxiety still comes and visits. In order to stop Aunt Anxiety from interfering in my life more than normal, I had to seek professional help.

Now, I am seeing a spiritual counselor. She is nice. I admit, the first meeting was a little intimidating because, like every human being, I did not want to be perceived as crazy , because I think I talked too much because I feel like my mind and body was just anxious for help, guidance, and peace.


Outside of being intimidated, I was excited because since graduating with a psychology degree, I always wanted to experience what it was like to have a spiritual counselor.  To me, it feels so relieved to speak with a professional stranger because speaking with family and friends about your issues is only temporary relief because they love you so much that all they see is perfection, they will never fix that inner deep wound because they cannot see it.  That is why it is important to speak with someone outside of your social circle.

When it comes to mental health, I cannot stress more about the advantage of seeking a counselor.  Counseling can be affordable I have found counseling cheap as $65 per session. Counseling sessions are very flexible. Counseling is mostly once or twice a week for fifty minutes.. Some counselors provide sessions over the phone. Also, if you had a counselor that you did not agree with, there are a million other therapists to explore. Therefore, THERE IS NO EXCUSE!


Life Lesson #93: A healthy mind prepares for the physically challenges ahead.

Life Lesson #94: Never neglect yourself. Upgrade yourself.

Thank you,

Lady Elle~

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Q&A A Day: Which Celebrity Would You Want to Interview?

Q & A


Dear Life,

So this week I bought a new fun journal and it is called  Questions & Answers A Day by Potter Gift on Amazon. It is a small journal that ask daily questions for 365 days in a year. I bought the journal because I love to record and observe how much  I have changed overtime.  Therefore, instead of writing it my journal, I really want to share my answers here as well starting with the first question of the day:

Q: Which celebrity would you want to interview?

A: Out of all of the celebrities I love, I would have to pick Michael Jackson. I know he is no longer on Earth , but I can still dream.

I can just imagine being invited to his Neverland Ranch…


One of Michael Jackson’s butlers would greet me and invite me inside. As I wait for the King of Pop to arrive, I would observe the grand staircase and his collection of his awards, former costumes he wore from his previous music videos and concerts. After waiting for ten minutes, there he is dressed in his iconic black and silver army jacket looking like prince charming.


Michael would give me a tour around the ranch while we munch on something sweet like cotton candy. Michael would show me all of the animals he adopted. We would ride every single carnival ride around his house until we get dizzy.


After the fun, Michael would escort me into his garden (if he had a garden..) where there is a table and two chairs. On the table is a teapot, teacups, and different delicate sweets like he was throwing some kind of tea party. Michael Jackson, dressed in his iconic blue and gold army jacket looking like king of pop himself.,  would pull out my chair for me to take a seat because I know he had a great heart.

After he takes his seat from the opposite side of the table, he would smile and say, “Alright Lady Elle, I am ready for your questions.”  I can see me nervously grabbing my pen and opening my notepad blushing and sweating like a washed garden tomato.


I made a list of questions to ask him. In fact, I wrote them in a separate journal when I was 16. All the questions I wanted to ask are personal questions about the things the public does not know about him. And note, none of the questions are about his alleged molestations because it would be disrespectful.

How do you moonwalk and can you teach me? 


How many songs are unreleased?


What is your favorite food? Favorite soul food?


When was the last time you have met Bubbles the chip, and does he still remember you?


Does your family throw family reunions like any other African American family?

How do you stay positive when others try to bring you down?


Out of all of your brothers, who was the most annoying and who was the favorite?

jackson 5

What is your top favorite and the least favorite song?

Who do you wish to sing a duet with?


Out of all popular artist today, who would you prefer to be the best?

When was the last time you talked to Prince? Did you two ever talked at all after the that little feud? 


Will you marry me? (Again, a girl can dream)

Which tour was your most favorite?

What song genre do you not like?

Besides being a singer, what other careers are you interested in ?


What are your strength and weaknesses?


What are your phobias?

What goals and visions do you want for your children as they grow into adulthood?

What is one of your biggest regrets?

What other projects do you have in store for the future?

After concluding the interview, I would thank him for the opportunity of interviewing him and he would thank me for being a fun and respectful journalist. Michael Jackson would probably hire me to write his memoir, or give V.I.P tickets and passes to all of his future concerts. I really do not know what would happen after the interview, but I hope he would trust me as a true friend. Again, a girl can dream…

If you are interested in buying the Q&A journal, click here.

Life Lesson #92: Imagination is a fun destination where you are never to young or too old to escape your situation.

Thank you for reading,

Lady Elle

P.S. Which celebrity YOU want to interview? Comment and share below~