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Life is Always a Test


Dear Life,
Life can be a beautiful, expensive bowl of crazy gourmet mixed salad. I say this because whenever I order a salad at a restaurant, the dish looks beautiful, but there are certain ingredients I don’t like in it like onions, tomatoes, and carrots. I had two choices. One, I could try the salad anyway, or dig in my salad to take all of the nasty ingredients out of my bowl.

picky eater.gif

Life is a test you are given every single day it does not matter, whether you are religious or not. Everything happens for reason whether you like the test or not. It is part of developing who you are.
You cannot escape a test because you can be tested in your home, in public, and even social media. About social media, we do tend to make worse decisions than good ones because we have the more freedom to be foolish than we are in public. Negativity will always be present on social media. It is up to you if you want to spread the fire.


You will always be tested with people, animals, and things that are non-living.
For example, you may come across a rude person, you might encounter a lost baby bird you found abandoned (this did happen to me a few days ago), or you may accidentally hit your foot against a wall. When these things happen, we have choices of what we are going to do about it.


Most of the time, our tests would be multiple-choice. We have good choices, bad choices, and sometimes we just don’t know what choice to make. Therefore, I will break it down below:
Bad decisions: Bad consequences, regret,and negativity
Good choice: Happiness, peace, and appreciation.
No choice: Fear, anxiety, worry, nervousness.
We all have chosen bad and good choices due to multiple reasons. However, we must try to make better choices in order to have a peace of mind.


Bad choices can be good too because we get to learn from our mistakes. When you are stuck with no choice, sometimes we need another person to help us make a good decision.
If lucky, sometimes we are given a second chance to take the test all over again in order to pass.
Another type of life test we are given are sometimes true or false test. This is where you are being tested about what is true and what is not. For example, you hear rumors, gossip, and slander about people, and most of the time it is something that you don’t know. For example, lets say a on social media, a person posted something like….this public figure worships…bacon and is a member of a bacon cult. So, you have a decision to make on whether if the gossip is true or false.

burn book

When I am given a true or false test, I always do my research. You cannot always trust the people you know or whatever news source you read. This type of test is what the majority of us are mostly failing due to ignorance and pride.
As for the media, I think it is good to have biased news stations like CNN and Fox news in order for us to do our OWN research to see if the current events are true or not. Every news station is flawed. In order to understand and know the facts is BEING IN THE SITUATION. You see traveling journalist risking their lives finding the real truth of what it is happening. You have people who are actually in this chaos to know the real truth. My overall point is, you will never understand the situation unless you been there!

Let me break it down…

Don’t assume something is true if you have never been in that situation to understand what the hell is going on. This goes for race, political views, feminism, religion and the list goes on. Therefore, do your research and showing statistics does NOT help.


Going back to life is a test…


Sometimes certain test can last longer than we expected. Oh yes, tests can last for minutes, hours, days, and maybe years.

In closing, Life is a test and we cannot escape it. We should never be afraid of tests because it helps develop who we are and understand life better. The choices we make comes from the lessons we study and learn from our family and village. We should never stress the bad choices that we make because we will learn from them and if we are lucky, we can take that test again. So give yourself a round of applause because you are a test survivor!


Life Lesson #84: Every single situation in your life is significant.


Lady Elle~

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Post Grad Life: The Job Hunt


Dear Post-Grad Life,

It has been two months so far since graduation, and I am still discovering what career is the best fit for me. Lately, I have been job-hunting almost everyday and it is exhausting, but I remain confident. I do plan on going back to school to earn my Masters as soon as I figure out what I want to do ,but lately I have been looking for stable jobs in order to start building my income and start paying my student loans.

During my job-hunting journey, I have experienced and learned so many  lessons about job-hunting and how the job market works. Job hunting is a constant pain. The job market shows how stressful it can be to stand out and how dynamic it can become. Sometimes, new hiring methods can so unnecessary that it is surprisingly helpful for human resource ,but not for the applicants. Therefore, I will give you my experience and tips about job-hunt process.

Applying Online is almost completely a waste of time! job-serach

  • Creating so many new accounts to apply for a job online (and forgetting your password because 9 out of 10, you won’t hear anything back from the HR.
  • Uploading resume ,but have to re-type your work and education experience
  • Completed the application, BUT WAIT, you have an online assessment that is going to take an hour or more of your life to finish.
  • Using job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Careerbuilder most of time is a waste and a quick trip to rejection,especially if you are looking for a entry-level job that require more expected qualifications for the position.
  • Within that same week or later, you receive an automatic rejection email.
  • My Advise: Job rejection does NOT define you. It is NOT your loss, its the company’s lost. Keep applying.

The Interviewing

  • job-interview
  • Wearing a suit to wear for an hour or so wishing you can soon wear a suit going to an actual job.
  •  Group interviews are fun, creative, but can be highly competitive.
  • On on One interviews are not bad depending on the questions and the person who is interviewing you.
  • Pre-recorded one-way interviews are NOT professional at all it does not matter how “beneficial” it is. It is not natural to communicate to a web-cam and been given a very limited amount of time answering each interview question.
  • You can prepare as much as you want for each interview, but you will end up answering  unexpected interview questions.
  • HRs need more fun, creative interview questions. For example, an HR asked me what television character most describes me the most. I understand that are questions that should be job related but, it does not hurt to add at least 2 fun questions every now and then.
  • My Advise: Never feel inferior in front of your interviewer. Don’t fully depend on what YOU can do for the company. Depend on what the company can do for YOU as well. (similar to JFK’s quote lol).

Networking                          jo-b-help

  • Network with EVERYONE you know who can either get you a stable job to work until a better job comes along.
  •  Need more network folks? Volunteer ,or just get out of the house. You never know who you will meet.
  • My Advise: The more people you meet, the merrier.


The Asshole Critics

job haters.gif

  • Never stress when a person asks you this basic post grad question, “What are doing now? Are you working?”
  • Never let haters say that your program of study was a waste of time! If you’re passionate about your major, YOU WILL make it in life. For instance, my program of study is Psychology and I have no regrets because I loved studying the mind and nature of human beings. The major helped me understand people better and to think critically in the best way possible. Every major you have chosen must be filled with passion and respect. Treat your degree like it’s your child. You have to love it, defend it, and make it worth  while.
  • My Advise: After college you will always have critics judging your character at every moment of your life. You just have to have THICK skin because life is not sunshine and rainbows. You will run into your highs and also your lows. You just got to be a warrior to defend your integrity.

Appreciate what you have now for there will be something better for you soon.job-hope

  •  Family and close friends are your biggest fans. For example, I appreciate my mom for having me live under her roof until I am able to move out on my own with a stable job.
  • My Advise: Show your appreciation by doing something small and sweet.

During the unemployment phase…..job run.gif

  • Stay busy! Go to a local gym, volunteer,or work on something productive in the mix of job hunting.
  • Sell you textbooks!
  • Give away the college stuff to  Goodwill or hand-me-down them.
  • My Advise: You have a stay busy and accomplish something that can benefit a peace of mine even it means making up your bed everyday.

Well, that is all I have learned so far from my post grad life journey.  I will continue to give you updates about it. Therefore, stay tuned!

Life Lesson #82: Let your successes, mistakes, and failures strengthen your persona for you are meant to be on this earth for a meaningful purpose.