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Catching Up With Lady Elle~


Dear Life,

So the new year is here and 2018 is looking more bright. First of all, I have good news, I finally have a entry level job with better pay and benefits with a banking company. So, goodbye retail!


About this new job, I’m not nervous but anxious because I’m excited to learn something new. With this job being in the city, I am nervous about the price of parking more than the usual congested traffic. Therefore, I have to save and wait.


A week ago I flew to Florida for a little vacation to spend time with my cousins. I shopped and bought a lot of Rugrats merchandise such as a Chuckie key chain, Reptar keychain, and three Reptar bars that I have been waiting to try since I was a child.


Oh yes, I am a huge Rugrats fan. I was close to buying the Reptar cereal but did not believe in paying $13 for it. Like how is it $13? Will the cereal turn me into a dinosaur?


About the Reptar bars, I was going to freeze them before trying them because I like eating my chocolate bars frozen. Frozen chocolate bars are more delish than warm room temperature chocolate bars, but that time I was willing to try it straight out of the store.

The taste of the chocolate bar was rich with the delish green colored frosting. At first, I thought the frosting would make the bar too sweet but it was not overwhelmingly sweet. It was enough. Like other reviewers, I wished the bar was shaped like a Reptar just like the show.

And to answer the main question on whether the Reptar bar actually turned my tongue green..


No, but I had a green stripe on my tongue if that counts…

By the way, the bar was $3 dollars…probably the most money I paid for any candy bar, but the F.Y.E store had the buy 1 and get 2 free deal for the repatar bars, which explains why they still had hundreds of them still on display.

In Florida, I developed a love for flea market shopping. I bought more snacks like trail mix because I am a proud foodie. I bought many sunglasses for $5 each. Now, I know where I can find cheap sunglasses.


After returning home from Florida, I participated in the Martin Luther King parade. As I re-read and reflect on a few of his speeches, I can’t help but to wonder if today’s reality is what he dreamed of. For instance, segregation is over, we can eat, watch, and play anywhere we go, but I still see blacks and white living separately. There is still a pay wage gap between races and also gender. Police brutalities still happen but lately this controversy has died down a bit but I will not be surprised if it is still happening today. As for politics…things have changed for the worse. I no longer see the need of political parties like the Republicans and Democrats. The whole government system is not perfect just like our human-selves.


Racism is still a very sensitive topic that most people rather still avoid because it still exists, not only in the United States, but around the world. You have racism from the lowest class to the highest royals. Yes, I am talking about you, Princess Michael of Kent. 

giphy (1)

Will racism end? Not entirely. We should no longer question how to end racism, but how to recognize it, address it, and fix it.  We should raise our children to become more open-minded on what is going on in this world, not shelter them behind their textbooks. Yes, education is important but it can only prepare them for higher education and promising careers, not reality.  It all starts with being fearless and trying to place your shoes in other people’s situation.

For those who use statistics, the media, and social media  as  your support of argument, get out the house and observe the phenomenon yourself to investigate the reason why this problem still happens each year. Meet new people who are different from you to understand their situation.


You want make a change? You want to stop racism, prejudice, discrimination, or stop complaining about people pulling out the “race card” ? Stop arguing with trolls on social media, get out the house, and fix it! You will have to get uncomfortable before you get comfortable to understand other people. Ask the former Nazi how his views of people of color changed when an African American lady treated him with kindness.

Change is possible but it all starts with you.

Life Lesson #90:  A sheltered person is easily influenced, closed-minded, unreliable, and selfish. Stop seeking shelter to avoid today’s issues. Look in the mirror, get out, and get involved.

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By The Time He Comes Back…

he returns
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By the time he comes back, he thinks he deserves another chance.

By the time he comes back, you are put back into a familiar vulnerable trance.

By the time he comes back, he finds his way through with words you want to hear and see.

By the time he comes back, you bulldoze your protective walls and unlock the door with a hopeful key.

By the time he comes back, eventually, again you take him in.

By the time he comes back, he already wins.

By the time he comes back, you will waste more time and make more room for emotional scars that were beginning to heal.

By the time he comes back, you lose the ones that knew and loved you the most.

By the time he comes back, new excuses and new defensive mechanism are formed around your In-denial post.

By the time he comes back, he is comfortable in his own paradise when he knows he overstayed his welcome.

By the time he comes back, the leopard’s familiar spots on his skin becomes visible day by day.

By the time he comes back, you will call for help to resolve your constant issues.

By the time he comes back, all we can provide are prayers and tissue.

By the time he comes back, you are lost and again paying the cost.

By the time he comes back, you lose the game, you’re not the same, and you are the blame.

By the time he comes back, you drop him, rebuild your wall, and place bandages on your new scars.

By the time he comes back, you might leave the door unlocked, cracked,but hopefully locked.

By the time he comes back, how long will he be blocked?

By the time he comes back, he will find another strategy to come through because he has before.

By the time he comes back, I hope you use the key of closure and lock that door.

By the time he comes back, I hope you don’t look back.

By the time he comes back, I hope your scars on your skin heal and become hard and black.

By the time he comes back, I hope for a new evolution, not devolution.

By the time he comes back, I hope for a resolution, absolution, and revolution.

By the time he comes back, He will let his pride go and finally let you go.

By the time he comes back, I hope he sees you are unbreakable, impeccable, pliable.