The Good Still Lives On Planet Earth

helping others

Dear Good & Evil,

In this world today, there have been a lot of evil things happening everyday like violence, kidnapping, and unexpected deadly events. With all of these bad things happening every day I wonder if there are still any good people in this earth until today.

Today, I had a sweet tooth and decided to go out and get some ice cream. I drove to Buster’s and ordered an ice cream sundae. When it was to time to pay for the sundae, I handed the cashier my card to pay for it because I did not have any cash on me at that time.  The cashier slid the card, but my card didn’t go through. It was weird because I knew I had enough money for it. I asked the cashier to try sliding my card again to be sure.  The cashier tried again, but my card was still declined.  For a moment, I felt a little down, but mostly embarrassed that my card was declined. I told the cashier to keep the sundae and decided to leave until a  very nice gentleman beside me offered to pay for my sundae. I told him he really did not have to, but he insisted kindly.

After he paid for my ice cream, I thanked him very much and told him that we need a lot more good people like him.

It is true, we do need more good people like him not just helpful wise, but polite and understanding– wise.  Have you realized that not a lot of people greet each other anymore? For example, when people walk pass you, or just walk inside a place, people don’t usually say “Good Morning,Hello”, or “How are you?” Greeting customers in a workplace environment is a different story because all jobs require employees to show good manners. What I really mean is outside of the workplace.

When was the last time a person greeted you, or asked about your day?

When was the last time a person helped you?

When was the last time a person contact you by phone (besides texting and social websites)?

When was the last time a stranger started a conversation with you?

I know some of us have difficulties of getting out of our “shy-shell”. I have some difficulties of being a little shy, but I mostly have the guts to share to everyone that I am for sure a friendly and down-to-earth person.

That sweet man that paid for my ice cream has definitely inspired me to become a better person. I hope good people like him will come your way to make you feel more positive about life and to help you become a better person than you are today.

Life Lesson #50: Evil may be loud and visible, but good is still alive and will live forever.

Life Lesson #51: You should always carry cash on you just in case your card gets declined.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~

Happy 20th Birthday! New York, Here I Come!

Happy Birthday Lady Elle~

Happy Birthday Lady Elle~


Dear Birthday,

*Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Dear Lady Elle, you’re going to New York City!  New York City!!!!

Yesterday was my 2oth birthday and I had a wonderful time with a few beautiful and exciting surprises from my beautiful Mimi (mother)  and my lover Mr. Bird!

On a beautiful birthday morning, I woke up refreshed and later Mr. Bird treated me for breakfast at our favorite Waffle House restaurant.  Yes, we do have our favorite waffle house because most waffle houses are dirty, old, and full of roaches.  Our waffle house is clean, fresh, and friendly.

After Waffle House, Mimi, Mr.Bird and I went to the jewelry store and sold our old gold and bought new charms for my Pandora bracelet. My mimi bought  me a  Statue of Liberty charm. At first, I was wondering why my mimi decided to buy the Statue of Liberty charm until she revealed a huge surprise that we are going to……NEW YORK CITY!!!  I got really excited about the news because I always wanted to go or maybe live in a big city like New York.  Since I will be going there this weekend, I shall decide whether I should live there when the future comes.

With my Statue of Liberty charm, Mr. Bird wanted to buy another Pandora charm for me and I chose the charm with pink gems with a peace sign. I chose it because the pink gems signifies my father, my grandfather, and  my other family members who were affected by cancer.  My father died of cancer when I was only three years old. My grandfather died few years ago with prostate cancer.  I hate cancer. Sometimes I fear that I may later have cancer too, but I try my best to avoid that thought.  I cannot let that thought get to me.

After we went to the jewelry store, Mr. Bird wanted to take me somewhere and it was indeed somewhere. Somewhere I did not recognize ,but there was a  beautiful house. He parked in front of the house and told me to wait in the car.  He went inside the house. For the past two minutes I was wonder why we were there.  Mr. Bird came out of the house and escorted me inside the house. The house looked very antique doll-like house.  I was still unsure of who’s house we were in, until FairyCakeMother showed up with a beautiful chocolate cake.

The cake was  a three layer chocolate cake with a beautiful trail of colorful exotic flowers. Here are the  pictures:


It looks beautiful, right?  I love chocolate and I was so excited to attack that cake! Chocolate is my heavenly weakness. Mr. Bird and I later had a huge slice of that heavenly cake  while we were watching one of my favorite movies, Forrest Gump. I love that movie.  Forrest Gump and Jenny are my favorite movie couples. To me, that movie taught me about the meanings of life and unconditional love.

I had a wonderful birthday and I very excited about going to  New York! I have already made a list of the places I want to go. Here it is:

1. Statue of Liberty

2.  Tiffany & Co.  Where Audrey Hepburn stood in front of from the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

3. Broadway

4. New York Square

5.  Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment From Sex and the City

6. 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

There is a lot more , but I am going to leave it at six.

Now that I have joined the 20’s club. I want to say that I have a very strong ambitious future for myself and I need to work hard for it. Also, I am now writing one of  books called, Gifted. I am not going to reveal the plot because  I do not want my ideas to be published by somebody else.  Everyone will have to randomly wait for my future-going-to-be-published book.  Just stay tuned. haha

Life Lesson #46:Life’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” – Forrest Gump

Thanks For Reading!

Lady Elle~