Facebook Is Becoming a Drag

Dear Social Media Life,
Facebook. Yes, I want to discuss about Facebook. Recent bloggers wrote about the declining interest about staying active on this social site and for their reasons, it is understandable that like Myspace, Facebook had it’s fad and now it’s becoming a drag.

When I first heard about Facebook, I been lectured and attacked verbally by adults saying that Facebook was only for adults. Yea,like that was going to stop kids from joining. I first joined Facebook during my freshmen year in high school because it was a new way of interacting and keeping in touch with (short-term) friends at that time.However, I ended my account because it got boring but returned my freshman year in college just because I wanted to stay in touch with family members,especially my anti-social cousins.

As the years gone by, my account was collecting dust. I stopped updating my status.Facebook got boring and foolish for so many reasons. Here are a list of reasons why I closed my account:

1. Ignorance

Facebook users had become so ignorant.When it comes to certain topics especially politics and religion, ignorant users would write the most arrogant and insulting comments just to attack and make them feel like they are better. You have racists ,”fat shamers”, political jerks, and just ignorant people.For example, I replied to a news post expressing my opinion and all of a sudden, a user replied calling me a “stupid bitch”instead of just expressing why the he disagrees.

Users will be so brave to write their ignorance  online but won’t say it in public because they know they are wrong and don’t want to be right.

About Facebook friends, they can be ignorant too that you have to unfriend them or avoid their post . I have to thank facebook for revealing who they really are because you have people posting some ignorant and disturbing stuff  and that leads to #2.

#2. The post are fucking disturbing.

The videos of people fighting, the pictures of severe sick children, “like this or comment if you like this” and  a picture of a naked girl. Facebook friends posting dark depressing thoughts. Facebook friends spamming your wall with stuff from one facebook page for example, I had one user keep liking Christmas pictures from a Christmas themed facebook page and my wall was just spammed with the user liking every single Christmas picture post and the funniest part, IT WAS ONLY MAY!!!

3. My cousins and friends are still anti-social.

I still can’t get this whole social thing. I remember the good days when internet was not even a need when it came to my childhood. When we don’t see each other in person, we would just call each other on the phone just enjoying the sound of physically talking to each other. Now, I feel people just don’t like to talk at all but send snapchats and text. 7 times out of ten, they don’t reply back. As a millennial , I do worry that my generation will lose the confidence and skill of public communicatation.

4. Nothing new.

Same folks, same strokes. Same usual facebook friends that still remains on the site posting latest pictures and stuff. Same pattern of people’s facebook behaviors. People from my high school who I rarely talked to kept spamming me with friend requests.

5. On the bright side, people are maturing from facebook.

I believe people are starting to miss the moment without Facebook. Every week another person shuts down their account for common reasons. I quit facebook because I wanted to socialize with people outside of the internet. I want to get to know people as time passes not for five minutes studying about the person from his/her profile.

With quitting Facebook, I have more time to focus on me and my goals. Outside of just going to classes, I have been more active at the gym. I enjoy the outdoors. I’m more comfortable with communicating with my peers. Overall, I just been more focused.

I sure do hope someday, people will start interacting more with people outside of social sites. Don’t get me wrong , it’s OK to use social sites sometimes but don’t let it be too often because there is so much life to live outside your phone, computer,tablet etc. Even if you are an introvert, it’s worth to try something new and outgoing.

Life Lesson #78: Avoid your distractions and FOCUS!

Thank you,

Lady Elle.

Comment&Share: What is your opinion about Facebook or other social sites and why or why not you lost interest?







I Don’t Babysitt For Free


Dear young-adult life,

Last month, my little step-brother came to visit us for a month, a month that felt like forever. Don’t get me wrong, he is a sweet little boy but what I did not appreciate was baby-sitting him for free.

For the past month, I have been stuck watching him while my parents were at work. Few weeks ago, I just finished taking a summer course that was required for my degree. After that, I was really determined to spend the rest of the summer relaxing with fun and a peace of mind ,but no, I spent the rest of the summer babysitting.

Funny, because my step-father said that I didn’t have to babysitt him and that my little step brother can watch himself. He said that then, but two days ago my mother and I planned to go to my mother’s job to fix her classroom and he said that we cannot leave him home alone. ….

By the way, the boy is ten but smart enough to take care of himself.

I don’t mind my step brother to visit and stay, but what I do mind is that I have my summer vacation! Just because I am a young-adult and a female does not mean I automatically have to babysitt somebody else’s children. This is what kills me ever since I was a teen.

Everytime, my parents throw a house party, there will always be parents bringing in their chikdren and have them sit near me like I’m suppose to watch them. I have my table and space turned into sesame street multiple times.

I am 22 and in college and life is not easy financial wise. So next time before these parents try to use me for free babysitting service, I will tell them straight up:


I shall not worry any longer because as of next week, I am moving back to my dormitory and next summer I shall have a place of my own because people cannot respect my time and space.

Life Lesson #70: Never work for free unless its worth changing the world.

Thank you,
Lady Elle ♡

I Rather Be A Wise Than A Grown Person!

I'm grown

Dear Maturity,

A grown person. What is a grown person? Some say you are grown when you are a certain mature age like 18,21, or 30. Some say you are grown when you have experienced life like education, career, marriage, having a family, and retirement. All of these descriptions about being a grown person is totally bull. Sorry,but I don’t buy it.


First of all, let us remove the word “person” and learn the definition of the word “grown”.

Grown: adjective \’grōn\

1.  no longer a child <grown men and women>

Well the word grown seems as if it defines the word “grown” as a sign of fully developed body. In other words, I guess you are considered “grown” after puberty  and I can understand that. Therefore, a grown person has nothing to do with life experiences and age.  Being a grown woman and man may give you benefits ,but it does not make you fully mature and wise.

Trust me, it makes me laugh how some people claim to be a grown person and claim to be mature when you still have some “grown” people that still don’t have common sense. I can’t stand when some people pull out the “grown person” card. They can pull it out as much as they want but they do not deserve the maturity card.

As a young adult about turn 21 years old this year, I rather be a wise person because becoming wise means that you are in a process of gaining knowledge from your life experiences which includes learning from your mistakes. With wisdom and maturity, you will know how to deal issues in the future.  With my developing wisdom, I always want to share it with my family, friends, and of course my blog reading audience.

Some people mistake celebrities to be role models ,but role models should be the parents. I can’t say parents are not perfect role models but they try their hardest to be. When it comes to raising a child, parents do make mistakes. For example, my step-father threw away my all of my Barbie dolls without telling me because he thought I was getting too old for playing dolls. Once my mother found out, she did get angry with him. As for me, I was very upset and never forgave him. Now, as I think about it, I can understand why my step-father did what he did because he has a daughter, and she was the same age as me. At that time, she was outgoing and did not play Barbies. So I guess with this observation from my step-father, he decided to throw all of my toys away for me to be outgoing like his daughter and other kids my age. Therefore, I can understand that he did it to become a role model for me, but he would of handled the situation in a different way and I can see now, every time my mother will bring up the past , I can see in his eyes he made a mistake and feels bad for what he did. As for me, he would of handled the issue by personally talking and expressing his feelings about me not being outgoing as the other preteens. He would have encouraged me to be interested in sports and other outdoor activities in order to make more friends so I can become outgoing. For the first time in my life, I forgive him. I know he wants what is best for me, but all I want from him and my mother is the love, support and respect for my life choices. I know there are things about me they disagree about like me wanting to study journalism and writing, but in order for me to be successful, I am going to need support from my parents.

Life Lesson #65: Mistakes happen but we must learn to brush it off and keep moving. Just remember to learn from it and prevent it from happening again.

Thanks For Reading,

Lady Elle~