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The Lessons I Learned About My First Break Up


1. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do regardless of how you two have broken up.

rachel and ross

It does not matter who did the dumping because there will always be a feeling of grief, especially if it was your long-term relationship. It is even more painful when it was your first relationship. I believe our breakup was mutual even though he started the idea of breaking up. All I can remember was that it was a calm decision as if was peaceful. I believed both of us knew months prior to the break up that our relationship was going to be done.

2. Everyone Reacts Differently after breakups.


After our breakup, I did not cry. I was sad, but was not crying a river. At first, I had to ask my mother and friends if it was a normal reaction. Unlike me, they experienced being depressed, angry, and at peace. I remembered breaking up with a guy I previously dated before him without crying. What I learned about myself is that I am quick to accept change when it comes to relationships.

3. Love does blind you and sometimes love is just not enough.


Looking back into my first relationship during the breakup, I realized the patterns of my actions and the differences that he and I discussed.

When we started dating in high school, being in Love for the first time was exciting. It felt like nothing can get in the way. We daydreamed about the future like a wedding and children. Although it was our fantasy, as we grew older, I realized that we was not on the same page. For example, he wanted like four kids and wanted a big family and I guess he was looking forward to it sooner than I thought. As for me, I did not want to focus on marriage and family, I wanted to think about me and only me first. I did not want to convert to Catholicism because I do not think denominations are important. He wanted to retire in another country and I just refused to live in another country where there is still sexism and fear of getting hurt. I did not feel like being the only race there either.

judge me

When we did long-distance for the first time, we definitely had our differences. He had an idea of me graduating from college and move to Kansas with him so he can finish school. I remembered I said yes at first but it was not out of love, it was because I was lost of what I wanted to do in life. For a year, I have been making unfulfilled promises and I had to look in the mirror and realized that I did not want to move to Kansas. I only said yes to make him happy. I remember there were times when he said that he had a feeling that he loves me more than I loved him.

4. You learned and accept the reason why it did not work.


After investigating my past, I came to accept that my love was not strong as his love for me. Not to say, I did not love him because I would defend him like my family, but the love I have for him is different now. The relationship helped me know what Love felt like, and how I am supposed to be treated. It also made me realized what I do and don’t want for future relationships.

5. It is okay to keep something from the past relationship.

After months of figuring it out what to do with my ex’s gifts. I decided to store all pictures of him on a CD. Of course I am keeping the hard copy pictures like my first prom because they are great memories. As for the stuffed animals, I decided to keep one that symbolizes my first love. As for the rest, I am giving them to children who need toys to play with.

6. It’s awkward as hell to stay in contact with an ex.

akward call

I don’t see how my ex can call me on the phone to check on me every now and then because I am still not use to it. Since the breakup, he has been doing the calling , not me because it’s awkward. I remember I had to tell him to stop contacting me for a while because I was just not ready to be in contact with him. Yes, he may still have feelings for me and trying his best to move on, or just really wanting to know how I am personally living, but it was not in my comfort zone.

When I did answer his call, it was out of guilt and to make him happy.  I learned that I did not have to answer his phone calls unless I wanted to. Last time, I answered his call and for the first time I did not feel awkward…I felt at peace that he is okay, so I can move on peacefully.  Therefore, it is okay to occasionally being in contact with  an ex, but don’t do it too often or you can eventually ruin your next relationship. My rule is that if you are in a new committed relationship, you have to cut all your exes off because it will not be fair to your new partner.

7.  You are NOT alone. Do not fear being alone. Embrace new independence. 


After the breakup, I had to learn how to do things by myself again. Most of time, I have my friends and family to fill in that lonely gap. There are times when I love doing things on my own. With experience being an only child, I KNOW how to entertain myself when it is just me, myself, and I.  When it comes to dating, I am looking forward to meeting different men, but only for a certain amount of time because I am not the type of date that wants to spend the whole day with someone because I love my space. I love the fact that I no longer need to comprise, if I want to do something, I can do it without arguing. Of course the perks of saving more money is a bonus.

5. Relationships changes you for the better.


I do believe good and bad relationships do change you for the better. From my first relationship, I became more outgoing, I learned to be more honest with myself, I learned a little Spanish and became more open-minded about what is going on in the world. I learned to try new things. I have become more realistic about life.  Therefore, you can come from a healthy relationship and a abusive relationship and change for the better because you will become stronger and know what you want in a partner. So take that break-up like a horse pill that may at first come with bad side effects but eventually it shall pass.

In closing of this blog post, my ex was not a bad guy. In fact, he is the type of boyfriend every woman needs, but unfortunately I was not the girlfriend he deserves to be with. He still may not know that, but eventually he will. I am different now and want different things for my future. If I were to stay with him, I would of kept him waiting until he eventually gets fed up and upset that he wasted some much time with me. He deserves a woman that shares the same vision as him. He needs a woman that loves him as much as he loved me. Therefore, I pray for the best for him.

Well…that is all I can say about breakups so far.  If you have a breakup lesson to share, please comment below. Also, if you need any advice, you can comment below as well.

Life Lesson #91: Plant the seed of the past in the ground, water it with your tears, fertilize it spiritually and let your new beginnings grow.


Thank You,

Lady Elle~

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A Woman Who Still Love Her Dolls


Dear Confession,

 Every adult has a hobby. Some adults love going to the gym,  for some, maybe creating artwork, or blogging. I love all these hobbies, but my favorite hobby (besides writing)  is collecting Barbies Dolls.

Yes, I am a 23 year old woman who collects Barbie dolls and on occasion, play with them.

Nope, I have no shame.


Let me give you a back story about how this all happened…

This phenomenon started when I was a  little girl. Barbie was the golden era of my childhood. I had over maybe 100s of barbies. I had celebrity barbies like the Spice Girls, Britney SpearsBrandy and Shakira


I also have had a pregnant Barbie doll. Yes, that doll existed until the over-sensitive parents complained that it promoted teen pregnancy.


Oh and did I tell you that on the box, it did say that Midge, the pregnant doll, was married? Most folks don’t read anymore.

 I also had a Barbies pool, Corvette, and a hotel.


I remember wanting every single Barbie advertised on TV whenever there was a commercial break in between my favorite cartoon shows.

My childhood was completed and blissful until my step father thrown them away in a dumpster behind my back. I was only 11 and that was a dark moment of my childhood. All I had left was my Barbie hotel. My step father few months later asked me if I was ready to get rid of my barbie hotel and I said,”Might as well since my hotel has been out of business for the past few months because no longer have customers.” After giving it away, my relationship with my step-father changed. The trust and the father-daughter relationship was ruined.


So life went on…,but the phenomena did not stop.

During my high school years, whenever I would go shopping, I would go the toy section to check out the new Barbies on display when I had the chance.

During my freshman year in college, I decided to buy a Barbie doll for the first time in six years. I bought a doll, brought it home, but would hide them whenever my parents, friends, or roommate were present. The only two people that knew about my secret was my grandmother and my then-boyfriend at that time.

So throughout my college years, I would buy a doll for special occasions like my birthday or Christmas. Sometimes I would buy one just for the fun of it because I had a job.

I was not the only one in the family that loves to collect dolls.  My Great Aunt Mary also collects Barbie dolls. She has a house full of Barbies from the 1970s to present.  I  love going to her house seeing all the dolls from every decade. It is also fun to share my collection with her.

After my mother’s divorce, I finally confessed to  my (ex) step-father about collecting dolls and expressed how I felt about what he did when I was little. He admitted that since that dark day, he regretted it because he had a chance to build a relationship with me and ruined it. He also realized how doll collecting was the norm. I understood why he has thrown my Barbies away. He thought I was too old for them and expected me to be like any other pre-teen worrying about sports, house parties, and boyfriends. In result of the conversation, I forgave him and he sent me a peace offering by giving me a Harley Quinn doll.

Currently, I am still collecting dolls. I plan on building my own Barbie Dream house from scratch because I have never been a fan of the Barbie homes that is made of out plastic (except the Barbie hotel).  I would love to form a Barbie collecting club. Who knows? A girl can still dream and make it happen.

Life Lesson #86: It’s your thing, do what you want to do, starting with what makes YOU happy first.

Thank You,

Lady Elle~