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Why Do I Want To Be A Parent?



Dear Life,

So this semester I am taking a senior seminar course about Parenting and Families and on the first day of class, my professor asked the class a question that made me wonder about the future.

The professors asked, “Why do you want to become parent?”

That question may be a easy answer to most folks about why they want be parents, but to me, it just got me thinking. I know time has changed the views of having children. For example, I’m sure when it came to colonization we had to have children to populate. The royals have children to bring in an heir to their throne. People back then wanted children to help around the house or soon take over their parent’s businesses. Although this may be true back then, these reasons do not matter as much anymore.We do not need to populate anymore since there are billions of humans living on  this earth.

I feel like people today want to have children because of desire, cultural legacy, investing.

As for me,my reason to have children is a unknown. Why is that? Well, I am an only child that was raised by a single mother. I was an unplanned child and so was my mother so I guess I cannot ask my mother or  my grandmother about why they decided to become parents.

I am a 23 year old woman who is in a long-term relationship with my boyfriend and obviously other people have their reasons for us to get married and have children, especially my boyfriend’s family. My boyfriend is Hispanic and comes from a culture where having children is a cultural legacy. Therefore, I can see some of that influence in him wanting to become a parent.

Why do I want to be a parent? I just don’t know. If I don’t know, does that mean that I should not have children? I dream about what me and boyfriend’s future child will look like sometimes. I daydream about him and I being parents ,but a serious reason? Its a blur ,but if I do have a child one day, I do want him/her to have a sibling because I do not have siblings.

Concluding the topic, I’m still young and about to graduate from college. My focus right now is getting a job and living stable to where I can maybe think about whether I want a legacy or not. If I ever have children,  it would overall be for love.

Life Lesson #79: You may not know what you want now, but you will know one day.

Thank You,

Lady Elle~

Comment & Share: Why do you want to become a parent and what influenced you?

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Darkness: A Poetry By Yours Truly


Dear Life,

I don’t always write poems because when I write them it sounds so corny, but this week I feel like I need to get something out of my head and put it into writing. Therefore, I thought writing a poem would be most appropriate.

This poem is not dedicated, but inspired by the people I love.


By Lady Elle~

You keep disappearing into the dark

You never tell us where you really are

Did you think that you could get this far?

Now I know who you really are….

Dark secrets….

You tried so hard to keep it

Your secrets are shown into light

Instead of confessing on your knees, you continue to build lies

The more you lie, the more you sin

It has been the same cycle again and again

I pray to God that you will soon repent

But you are making the Devil win

He is not your God; he is not your friend

Your pride hurts the people who love you behind

Pride so strong, you hardly want to compromise

You hardly cared about her feelings

Instead of fixing them, you always end up leaving

I know there is another woman in your life

You disappear in the dark almost every day and night

You know what you did was wrong, but you don’t want to be right

God gave us free-will so you took the advantage……instead of fighting for your marriage

There were the best of times and there were the worst of times

I no longer want to see her cry…

You had many chances of making her happy

But I guess it has always been about your….happiness

From the two degrees to your new shiny red car

Do not forget that she and God brought you this far.

God gave you what every humble man wants

A faithful wife, respectful children, and a blessed home.

I guess you rather be alone with the home-wreaking woman in your new home.

If that is what you want just remember this.

I appreciate the fatherly things that I missed

Not every parent is perfect, but you did your best

Therefore, I forgive you, but cannot forget.

Life Lesson #72: Always forgive those who hurt ,or betrayed you. The pain should only be temporary ,not forever.

Thank You!

Lady Elle~