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Celebrating Halloween While Adulting


Dear The Great Pumpkin,

It’s that season again, the season when the temperature drops, the leaves die (well turn into vibrant colors), and everyone is thinking about pumpkin spice.

Specifically, it is the month of October and in less than 2 weeks Halloween will be approaching us.


When I was a child, Halloween used to take the 2nd place of one of the most favorite and fun holidays. Now as a 25-year-old adult, I am still festive about Halloween but there are certain things we did as children that we do not do anymore because age is just not a number.

Halloween Costumes

When I was little, my mother would take me to Halloween stores and buy the cheapest but cutest Halloween costume.

My very first costume was Princess Jasmine because being African American, I chose her not because she was popular at the time but also I thought she was African American too LOL. I was 5 years old at the time.


Now the best Halloween costume I wore as a kid was when I dressed as Queen Padmé Amidala from Star Wars. The specific outfit was this:

queen amidala

Here was my costume back in the day below:

That time my mother decided to not be cheap and go all out for me and that day I felt like I was the shit, the Queen Bee, and the supreme. Of course, since my mother spent so much money on it, I had to wear that costume every year until I had grown out of it. I did not have any issues with that until I want to be Josie & the Pussycats lol

As an adult, I occasionally would buy a costume. I love going to these temporary Halloween stores and Party City to see what costumes are selling but lord knows these costumes are just cheap and overprices. Why would I want to pay $50 for 2 cheap pieces that include a very thin-should-even-be-see-thru black witch dress and a soon to be damaged witch hat?

You can find any black dress that is higher quality and more reasonable-priced.

As a woman, shopping for Halloween costumes can be intimidating because we have to choose between the cute, scary, funny, or sexy versions of certain characters. For example, do you want to be innocent Cinderella, Zombie Cinderella, Drunk Cinderella, or Slutty Cinderella with the “come-do-me” stilettos?


As for men, they would just choose between something goofy, scary, or something that Magic Mike-ish.

Trick or Treat

Trick or treating was the best part of every child’s Halloween. I remember when I was a child, we would have a chaperone (most likely your parents or friend’s parents) that will take us walking around the neighborhood to collect candy. On occasion, we would drive to a more upscale neighborhood where the candy is better.

As for the guilty pleasure, my favorite part of treat or treating is when a neighbor would place a big bowl of candy sitting on their porch with a “Please Grab One” sign and of course to us what it means is to grab as much as you can.

In the adulting phase, we do not trick or treat unless we children. It can be any child from an offspring to a niece or nephew. We occasionally would buy our candy and give some away to the children if we feel generous. Adults just don’t come together and knock on other adults front door for candy. It’s just not part of our Adult social contract. In fact, there are certain states that ban children over the age of 12 to go trick or treating. In my opinion, I do not think it is right.

I do not trick or treat for obvious adult reasons and because I don’t usually eat a variety a candy like I used to. The only candies I eat are Candied Orange slices and Cookie dough bites.


Halloween Parties

When I was a little girl, The only Halloween party I ever went to was Charlie Brown’s because I never was invited to a party. So after trick or treating, I would go home and watch Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin while binge-ing on candy from my bag.


During my teenage years, I was still a loyal guest of Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin parties.

My first Halloween party was when I was in college. One of my ex’s friends invited us and I was pretty excited to go. After that experience, I honestly wished I was home watching Charlie Brown instead because there was just no good music and no corny Halloween games. Everyone really wanted to get wasted and stoned because the party was just boring.


Now, I would it mind going to a Halloween party but I would prefer watching my favorite scary movies, recalling MJ’s Thriller moves and eating my favorite treats.

Haunted Homes

All my life I never been to any man-made haunted home because I prefer the real thing. I believe in spirits due to multiple experiences I would love to share for next blog post so stay tuned…

Since childhood, I have always been curious about the mysteries and the unknown. It is like my guilty pleasure. Anyway, I like to go on ghost tours and read about the haunted history of places. The best city with the best ghost tours in Savannah, Georgia. I would love to go to more outside of Georgia. I want to visit potential haunted places at St. Augustine, Washington D.C., and somewhere in Hollywood, California.

My other guilty pleasure is watching “Buzzfeed Unsolved” on Youtube with Ryan & Shane who travel around the world discovering whether ghost are real, and they also bring out theories of famous unsolved true crimes.

buzzfeed unsolved

For anyone who watches this show, I am team Ryan more than I am team Shane because I have my share of ghost experiences.

This year on Halloween, my plan is to work because I am scheduled to work, but my job is supposed to throw a costume contest and have some kind-of-a-sort-of Halloween party. I think I will just wear my pumpkin shirt with a pair of cat ears or witch hat. After work,  I do have plans to pass out candy to my neighbors while watching my favorite scary movies like The Conjuring,  Annabelle 2, The Ring, and the best for last….yes you guessed it! Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin!


Life Lesson #97: You may be older but don’t forget to drink the fountain of youth every once in awhile.

Have A Happy Halloween,

Lady Elle~

Comment & Share: Do you still celebrate Halloween? What fun activities do you still enjoy?

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A Woman Who Still Love Her Dolls


Dear Confession,

 Every adult has a hobby. Some adults love going to the gym,  for some, maybe creating artwork, or blogging. I love all these hobbies, but my favorite hobby (besides writing)  is collecting Barbies Dolls.

Yes, I am a 23 year old woman who collects Barbie dolls and on occasion, play with them.

Nope, I have no shame.


Let me give you a back story about how this all happened…

This phenomenon started when I was a  little girl. Barbie was the golden era of my childhood. I had over maybe 100s of barbies. I had celebrity barbies like the Spice Girls, Britney SpearsBrandy and Shakira


I also have had a pregnant Barbie doll. Yes, that doll existed until the over-sensitive parents complained that it promoted teen pregnancy.


Oh and did I tell you that on the box, it did say that Midge, the pregnant doll, was married? Most folks don’t read anymore.

 I also had a Barbies pool, Corvette, and a hotel.


I remember wanting every single Barbie advertised on TV whenever there was a commercial break in between my favorite cartoon shows.

My childhood was completed and blissful until my step father thrown them away in a dumpster behind my back. I was only 11 and that was a dark moment of my childhood. All I had left was my Barbie hotel. My step father few months later asked me if I was ready to get rid of my barbie hotel and I said,”Might as well since my hotel has been out of business for the past few months because no longer have customers.” After giving it away, my relationship with my step-father changed. The trust and the father-daughter relationship was ruined.


So life went on…,but the phenomena did not stop.

During my high school years, whenever I would go shopping, I would go the toy section to check out the new Barbies on display when I had the chance.

During my freshman year in college, I decided to buy a Barbie doll for the first time in six years. I bought a doll, brought it home, but would hide them whenever my parents, friends, or roommate were present. The only two people that knew about my secret was my grandmother and my then-boyfriend at that time.

So throughout my college years, I would buy a doll for special occasions like my birthday or Christmas. Sometimes I would buy one just for the fun of it because I had a job.

I was not the only one in the family that loves to collect dolls.  My Great Aunt Mary also collects Barbie dolls. She has a house full of Barbies from the 1970s to present.  I  love going to her house seeing all the dolls from every decade. It is also fun to share my collection with her.

After my mother’s divorce, I finally confessed to  my (ex) step-father about collecting dolls and expressed how I felt about what he did when I was little. He admitted that since that dark day, he regretted it because he had a chance to build a relationship with me and ruined it. He also realized how doll collecting was the norm. I understood why he has thrown my Barbies away. He thought I was too old for them and expected me to be like any other pre-teen worrying about sports, house parties, and boyfriends. In result of the conversation, I forgave him and he sent me a peace offering by giving me a Harley Quinn doll.

Currently, I am still collecting dolls. I plan on building my own Barbie Dream house from scratch because I have never been a fan of the Barbie homes that is made of out plastic (except the Barbie hotel).  I would love to form a Barbie collecting club. Who knows? A girl can still dream and make it happen.

Life Lesson #86: It’s your thing, do what you want to do, starting with what makes YOU happy first.

Thank You,

Lady Elle~