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The Transformation Of Becoming A Healthy Woman





Dear Health,

For a few years I have been struggling with losing a few pounds after starting birth control, college binging, and love. Do not get me wrong about love. I am not blaming my boyfriend for this or regret falling in love with him because I love my handsome,loving gentleman. Let us face it folks, gaining weight is one of the main side effects when being in love. If some of you “lucky couples” never had this side effect, maybe you guys are very strick on dieting  and exercising or you two are not really in love with each other like you guys thought you were.

On the bright side, weight gain due to love is reversible. All you got to do is just get up and move and eat healthy. What will be better is to do this with your partner. It is more fun than working out with a friend, especially a female friend. From my experiences, it is always competition, bashing, and complaining when working out with other women. Competition is a natural trait in every animal including human beings but females take competition more seriously than men in  my opinion. For males, they compete and end it once and for all ,but females compete constantly and mostly with few of the same women they do not like. For once I want to see females compete with men. Let us make history for once. Stop bringing other females down, bring them up. Instead of being jealous of her, compliment her. If she bashes you, smile and move on. Show her a better example of a being a lady.  A wise man said that you waste more energy being bitter than being sweet. Preserve your energy by smiling.

Back to the weight loss struggle, I want to take my time. This is not a resolution because resolutions are full of nonsense like television. My first step is to learn to eat healthy  for my internal body. Next, Zumba ! I have to get to know my body before I bust a sweat. That means I got a date with body and hopefully it goes well.

Life Lesson #67: In order to change the world, you must learn to change yourself.

Life Lesson #68: Date yourself and love yourself before you love somebody else.

Thank You,

Lady Elle~

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Meet My Little Furry Brothers

Black and Chai

Dear Animal Love,

Hey beautiful readers. This blog is a special blog post about my favorite little brothers in the world, Black & Chai. I figured that I give my two little tikes five minutes of fame. Haha

Black & Chai are my cute miniature poodles.  I must say that like little brothers they can be annoying but cute.

My dog on the right is Black. He is named after black coffee. Lol He is eight years old. His favorite things to do is mostly eat, play tug of war with Chai, and marks spots all over the yard. He is a male so he is very territorial. Yes, he is the trouble maker of the family. When he gets upset, he tears up his bed.

As for the dog on the left, Chai, he is one year younger than Black but he is pure hyper. He likes to run and play a lot. The funny things about him is that he likes to sunbathe and roll his toy ball down the stairs and tries to race against it. Although, sometimes I have to be careful when he getd hyper because he would usually have seizures. Its horrible to have him suffer from that and I have been taking him to the vet , but the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him. To me, I just think the vets from petstores like PetCo and PetSmart is just a place to gove dpgs just shots. They are not serious like the local pet hospitals. Anyway, Chai has been doing very well.

I have to say that having dogs are like having kids. Believe it or not but dogs do act like kids. Especially when they get needy, mad, and playful. I have my own belief that a person should have a pet before a child. It may not give the exact preparations , but it does give you a hint on whether you are responsible for taking care of others.

Life Lesson #39: Treat your animals well because like us, they have a heart with feelings too.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~