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The Most Annoying Drivers Ever!


kermit drive

Dear Driver Life,

Every morning, Monday to Friday, I have to wake up extra early to suffer through the daily congested Atlanta traffic. When it comes to having a peace of mind and calmness, I bring my MP3 (yes its old but I just refuse to put music on my cell phone) and my aux cord so I can jam to my favorite tunes. However, sometimes my peace of mind gets ruined in a matter of seconds when it comes to anxious human beings wanting to reach their destination that will

And here is the list!

The Tailgater: When driver in a car keeps approaching the back of your vehicle.


These drivers are low-key disrespectful. You would usually have this happen when the tailgater is riding up your ass trying to signal you to move faster, or they could just be coming up too close when you at a traffic light. If I am driving at the right speed limit, I am going to need you to merge and pass me, or just back the hell up.

The ALL-OF-SUDDENS: Driver that just makes risky, but unnecessary stops or turns that might kill your breaks.

These drivers are best explained by example. Let’s say you are driving down the busy road and about a half of a mile you see a driver in a vehicle preparing to pull out on your lane. You would expect that the driver knows how to yield, but this driver thinks he/she is some kind of “Daredevil” and ALL OF SUDDEN pull out in front you. You pump your breaks hard hoping not just rear the car. So your blood pressure goes up and when you thought that was the end, the driver in front of you is driving slower than the speed limit…..

And this leads to….3!

The Slow Drivers: I think we all know what this means…

This does not need any explanation, but it needs to be addressed. Drivers should at least drive at the required speed limit. When it comes to the left and right lane, I do believe if you need to speed up, you should use the left lane, but if you are not in no rush and want to drive at the required speed than stay on the right side. When you are on the highway, the rules still apply.

Before we move on, I want to disregard the people who can’t help but drive a steady pace. For example, if you are disabled, a new driver (teens etc.), or elderly, or perhaps a parent who is practicing safe driving with children I deeply understand you. This also disregard people who are obviously lost of finding their way.

The Portable Cat-Callers: When someone is trying to flirt while driving.

I do not find it considerably annoying but awkward because everyone has places to go and my mission is to head straight home. If you are rolling down your car window trying to get my attention, I am just going to ignore you. Where do you think this situation is going to go? If you think that I am just going to write my phone number and throw it to you through the car window, you gotta be crazy.

The Nosey-Elves: Drivers who like to check out the crazy accidents on the side of the road.

Usually, you would mostly find these drivers in crazy congested traffic and one of the most common causes of traffic is vehicle accidents. Something about seeing cars damaged and collided together with flashing police and firefighter cars seems to really entertain drivers to slow down and figure out how the accident happened.

I can’t be a hypocrite, because I tend to do it myself.

The “Fast & Furious”: Drivers who most likely drive sporty cars driving just reckless.

I understand that everyone must have their fun and break the rules every now and then, but if you are doing that in a busy almost congested highway, I am going to need you to be open-minded about the other drivers around you. The drivers around you have family or loved one that wants them alive and home and we just do need a risk of an accident that may be fatal. My best suggestion is to speed when there is literally close to no traffic for less risk.

The Assholes: Honking the horn unnecessarily and etc. 

And again, people have places to go and I am sorry, NOT sorry if your destination is not going as planned. Honking your horn is not going to make congested traffic quicker. Flipping me off is not going to make me learn my lesson because you don’t know how to be patient and understanding. For example, I had a driver who riding in my lane without noticing and I honk the horn just to signal him. After I honked the horn, this asshole flipped me off and signaled his hands like a gun like he was “threatening” to shoot me. While he was busy trying to recover his ego and pride, he failed to know that I was honking the horn at him in order to look out for him…..and this leads to the next list…

Road Rage:…

Most common road rage is when a person is yelling insults with a mix of profanity, and any temptation to just express frustration and anger, but when it escalates it gets dangerous and almost deadly.

Aggressively bullying, screaming, or threatening the driver is WRONG! DEAD WRONG! I don’t care if the driver did ANY of these things I mentioned on the list. Causing a threat to a person is wrong. If you do this, you need to take some major anger management classes because this type of road rage is immoral.

For example, according to ABC News, a teenager, Kevin Rodriguez fatally stabbed at Walmart parking lot by a full adult male due to road rage. A teenager…his life was cut short all because of a selfish, immoral human being that does not know how to control not only his anger but his prejudice by the assumption of situation.

My heart hurts when I see victims who die just because they accidentally sat under the green light in just less than five seconds or when they try to honk their horn to signal you that almost hit them.

People need to be more open-minded and understanding because I promise you that most of these honks you hear are just drivers trying to protect you. Therefore, please take the time to think before you act.

Life Lesson#96: Expressing anger is like spreading the fire of negativity that can destroy your dignity and respect from others. Expressing calmness spreads wisdom and peace.

Thank you for reading,

Lady Elle~

Comment & Share: What are your driving pet peeves? How do you feel about road rage, and how do you stay calm while driving?


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