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Getting Closer to the Finish Line



Dear College Life,

I have five more months to graduate with my bachelor’s and I have to say that I am almost finished completing one of my long-term goals.

Right now, I am almost near done with my Research Analysis course for the summer semester and I have to say that this class was …..weird and interesting. At first I thought I was going to panic (as always) because it was challenging but, as I got used to the lecture and exams, I have gotten better.  Today, I took another exam and the whole class and I stayed longer taking the exam because the professor did a slight twist in order to explain deeply about the statistical tests. Therefore, we are all clueless about what our grade will be once we get them back.

My professor is a character. He is a short guy that looks like he is in his early fifties. He wears a long pony tail and always dress like he is going to the beach everyday. All he needs next is a skateboard. When he talks, he talks fast like he could be an auctioneer. He probably is outside of his career. The bad thing is that I have to bring a voice recorder in class in order to catch up on what he said. Another funny thing about him is that he brings a big mug of coffee and always spills it on the classroom floor. He does not spill it on purpose. He holds his coffee mug by  his left side of his leg and the cup would already be in “tip-to-the-side” position and when he gets into the lecture, he walks around dripping coffee everywhere without even knowing and at the end of the day he asked, “Who keeps spilling coffee in the classroom?”

As for the teacher assistant, bless her heart. I think she has got to be the most freaked-out teacher assistant I ever met. She is a graduate student almost completing her doctorate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. In Research Analysis, we have a lab lecture and she teaches it. She grades our assignments and tests. She is a sweet person, but sometimes she grades a little too harsh and with me, she grades my test wrong for some strange reasons. For example, she gave me a 76 ,but she miscalculated the grade and I actually made a 86. She miscalculated my two of my exams. I don’t know if she rushes or she is dealing with too much. Since she is a graduate student, I can’t fully understand her pain until I am in her shoes.

Speaking of graduate school, I do plan on enrolling, but first, I need a break for a year or two because I have been in school since pre-school and in college, I never had a course-free summer. I took courses every fall, spring, and summer semester. It took longer than usual because I changed my major my sophomore year and transferred schools. I am slowly getting to know what I want to do in life and I sure do hope I am meant for something. Only time and effort will tell.


Life Lesson #76: If you were born to live on this earth, you are meant to do something fulfilling


Thank You,

Lady Elle


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