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Can’t get hooked with Snapchat.


Dear Social Media Life,

I do not like Snapchat. Last year, my friends suggested that I join and add them as friends so we can send each other 30 second random videos to each other.   I thought the app was entertaining. It’s good to check out what your goofy friends are up to ,but overall it feels lonely.  Therefore, let me explain.

I am not a wiz when it comes to social media. I only use social media  for three reasons: family, blog promoting ,and  following my favorite TV show in the world, Pretty Little Liars. Huge fan! Any way, after weeks of my friends begging for me to join Snapchat, I finally joined and explored the app a bit. The exploration took only five minutes.  The only creepy thing about Snapchat  was random people  from the past who still have my phone number randomly sending me  friend requests. Nine times out of ten, their main reason for them to add me as friend was to be nosey about what I am doing in life.  Therefore, I ignore their request.

On the bright side of Snapchat I find it cute and wacky when using cool special effects like the “vomiting rainbows” and the “underwater scenery”. However, I don’t like the limited timing when it comes to filming yourself ,especially when you want to say something very important (well probably nonsense statements).

As the months went by, my interest in the app decreased significantly. Snap-chatting myself became boring. I feel like I was actually talking to myself instead of another person. My snaps chat  friends  snaps were becoming very repetitive. I even recognized some folks who are very conceited with themselves, but like Demi Lovato said,” What’s wrong with being confident?

The annoying part about not just Snapchat but other social sites,  you see friends who will snapchat, facebook, and tweet  all day but never reply to your text or even return your phone call.

Let me give you a meme visual because I am sure majority of us have experienced this problem multiple times.


The Person:




Snapchat can make you feel lonely real quick because it is not the same interaction when it comes to calling and personally having a conversation with someone. Therefore, that was my experience.

I understand for some folks that their experience with Snapchat is  different from mine. However, I do feel as though  Snapchat is for people who are photogenic, creative with images, or just popular. I feel like Snapchat is perfect for celebrities because we all like to see a bit of their fabulous  life even when we envy bit by bit.  I did get jealous when celebrities travel around the world because that is what I always want to do. Other than that, I am not a fan of Snapchat.

That is all the for now~ Adios!

Life Lesson #74: Some things are just not meant for everyone and it is okay.

Thank you,



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