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The University Life

Dear University Life,
If I could go back in time during my senior year in high school, I would of applied to go to University of Georgia, but sometimes good things come for those who wait. After high school, I enrolled at a fairly new college that was only fifth-teen minutes away. I lived in one of their dormitories just to get a full college experience, but since the school did not have a football team or any Greek life, the college did not make feel at home. In fact, I was bored. Now, I am a official UGA (transfer) student starting over college life again and so far I love it here.
Last night, my mother came to visit me at my dorm to treat me for dinner. We ate at the Red Lobster. I had fried shrimp with crab legs and a weak-overly-creamy pina-colada. The food was decent, but most importantly is that I get to spend some time with my mother. After dinner, I had her meet one of my good friends, Bre and afterwards have my mom sleepover because I was not comfortable for her to drive back home late at night so we both slept together on one single twin bed. haha
This morning, after my mother left, I went for a morning walk. Today UGA is having a home-game later and I could already see families setting up their tents, chairs, barbecue grills, and flat screen televisions everywhere getting ready for the big game day. Everything looks exciting so far. I wish I have tickets to see the bulldogs play, but I am semi-broke. Football tickets cost about $65 a piece. As a student, we do get discounts, but I rather wait until I start working.
Speaking of working, this week I finally got hired by a retail store at a local mall. To be honest, I thought I was not going to get hired because right after the job interview, the store manager said that they were going to call within a week to let me know if I got the job, but they did not call. I left a voice mail, but still no callback or email job rejection. A month later, they called to tell me that I am hired so my first day will be next month. I never worked for retail before and I thought I would not get the job because of I do not have any retail experience. I am blessed that they gave me a chance and opportunity.
It’s been awhile since I blogged. This morning feels like a perfect time to write, however, I think all this typing is waking up my roommate.
About my roommate, she is nice and sweet. We see more of each other at night due to our class schedules. I have morning classes and she has night classes. As I am getting to know her, I can tell she can a little strange. For example, she placed a curtain to block the mirror of the bathroom sink because she does not like looking at herself in the mirror……Yesterday, she came in with a big box thinking that is was going to be something nice. Instead, it was some kind of mirror film for her office window so she can prevent our dorm neighbors from peeking at our room….. She wasted money for that because the window is way high up and as for the neighbor’s window, it was beside our window, not across from it. Therefore, it is impossible for them to even do that. Don’t get me wrong. She is a very smart girl book-wise, but not “street-wise.” I think she freaks out about a whole lot of nothing.
Well that is all I have to say for today. I woke up too early and now I must return to my heavenly slumber.
Life Lesson #71: Exciting new life comes with exciting opportunities. Do not ever miss them.

Good Morning-Night!

Lady Elle~

P.S: Ever had a weird roommate? If so, comment and share~


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