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I Don’t Babysitt For Free


Dear young-adult life,

Last month, my little step-brother came to visit us for a month, a month that felt like forever. Don’t get me wrong, he is a sweet little boy but what I did not appreciate was baby-sitting him for free.

For the past month, I have been stuck watching him while my parents were at work. Few weeks ago, I just finished taking a summer course that was required for my degree. After that, I was really determined to spend the rest of the summer relaxing with fun and a peace of mind ,but no, I spent the rest of the summer babysitting.

Funny, because my step-father said that I didn’t have to babysitt him and that my little step brother can watch himself. He said that then, but two days ago my mother and I planned to go to my mother’s job to fix her classroom and he said that we cannot leave him home alone. ….

By the way, the boy is ten but smart enough to take care of himself.

I don’t mind my step brother to visit and stay, but what I do mind is that I have my summer vacation! Just because I am a young-adult and a female does not mean I automatically have to babysitt somebody else’s children. This is what kills me ever since I was a teen.

Everytime, my parents throw a house party, there will always be parents bringing in their chikdren and have them sit near me like I’m suppose to watch them. I have my table and space turned into sesame street multiple times.

I am 22 and in college and life is not easy financial wise. So next time before these parents try to use me for free babysitting service, I will tell them straight up:


I shall not worry any longer because as of next week, I am moving back to my dormitory and next summer I shall have a place of my own because people cannot respect my time and space.

Life Lesson #70: Never work for free unless its worth changing the world.

Thank you,
Lady Elle ♡


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