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New Semester, New Interesting People


Dear School Life,

This week is the first week of the spring semester. This semester I am taking Intro to Psychology, Western Civilization, World History, and a Walking class. From my previous blog post, I said that I switched my major to Psychology. It used to be English but change of life plans. I want to become a counseling psychologist. As for profession, I still want to become an author. I have a lot of stories to finish but hopefully  I get one done before I graduate with my bachelors. Writing is my side hustle. Haha

Let me tell you about my professors from my classes. This semester I have pretty interesting instructors. My psychology professor  is a nice sweet lady. She is a psychologist and a part-time professor  at my school. I feel comfortable with her because she is a warm and understanding. What I like about the class is that she has her own way of teaching the course. For example, she does not teach everything from the book. She only lectures the most important lessons we need to learn. Her PowerPoint are not messy but straightforward.

As for my classmates in my psychology class, they don’t seem to really enjoy the course. Maybe I am wrong but it is probably because its an early morning course.

Moving on! My Western Civilization instructor has a great sense of humor. With his sense of humor, his lectures are quite entertaining. As for my classmates in that class, they are awkwardly silent….except one who wants to be the class clown.

Last but not least, my World History professor at first seemed very serious but he yesterday he showed his true geek colors showing his collection of swords. He has all type of swords. Medieval swords, Arabian swords,and very thin and flexible European swords. He loved swords so much that he had a sword club. Speaking of swords, i wonder if he ever been to Medieval Times. They sell swords there but they are probably fake.
Speaking of swords, i would rather have the world have swords than guns. Maybe there will be less lives being killed and more time for people to escape in case of a massacre. Swords to me are more classy than guns. However, I would trade weapons for more love for the world.

Life Lesson #69: Life comes with unexpected people, places, and things but always expect a path that is right for you.

Thank you,
Lady Elle~


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