New Year, New Book Of My Life

Dear Diary,

It has been six months I have been away from my blog due to focusing on my education and exploring different things outside the house for once.

Last year, I took a journalism class to test my journalistic writing skills. I experienced what it is like to be a journalist. I interviewed actual human beings, but I have to say that I had run into some quite rude people, but I kept my head up and dust them off.

The best part about the class was writing for Gwinnett Daily Post, a local newspaper. Not only that, but I interviewed cousins of the famous acrobatic family, The Wallendas at the Gwinnett County Fair! In case some of you still do not know who the Wallendas are, they are related Nik Wallenda who skywalked across three buildings in Chicago last year in November.

The Wallendas performing at the fair.
The Wallendas performing at the fair.


I enjoyed the journalism class, but experiencing it made me not want to become a journalist anymore. I enjoy writing but not news. I love writing stories and using my imagination, but I cannot when reporting news. I decided to use writing as a profession and as for career, I want to be a psychologist. All my life, people tell me that I am good at helping people. I recently read my previous blog post and read the comments about me giving great life advice. Not only that, but I have also helped others out of depression and stress. I always want to make this world a better place and with that, I can.  The best part, I get to study how the brain works and learn different personalities. I wonder what type of personality am I? I will find out soon.


Life Lesson #66:  Follow your destiny!

Thank You,

Lady Elle~



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