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Oh Spring, How Do I Love Thee?



Dear Beautiful Season,

Spring. The most beautiful season out of all seasons. The season of rebirth, tranquility, and beauty. What I love about spring are the flowers. Something about the flowers reminds me of a fresh start in life to forget about the winter a.k.a the past. The first day of spring is really my New Year’s Day.

Starting this spring, I want to continue to find inspiration for my unfinished novels ,my blog, and myself. Spring so far has inspired me to start meditating thanks to the flowers. Call me strange, but every time I see plants,especially flowers, I always think that they are meditating and just feel at peace from the rays of the sun. For the rain and wind, the flowers feel refreshed. I wanted to feel the tranquility and freshness and that is why I decided to meditate everyday for fifteen minutes. Since I have recently started meditation as a hobby, I want to study more of it.

What I like about spring is that there is a sign of new opportunities. For example, Mr.Bird (my boyfriend) got a new job and I am very happy for him. Out of everyone that I know, Mr.Bird was not having a good winter. Now that spring is here, it looks like things are brightening up for him and hopefully it stays that way.

I think everyone needs a fresh start in life so why not make it happen now that the season is changing.

Life Lesson #64: Forget about the dying winter and grow new leaves.

Thanks For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S: What do you love most about spring? Comment and share below.


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