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My Pretty Little Liars Review Season 4 Episode 16



Dear Pretty Little Liars,

So last night I watched season four episode 16 of popular show Pretty Little Liars and I decided to write my fan-review about last night’s episode. Last night, I enjoyed the new episode as always ,but what I am so annoyed about this show giving me more questions than answers. Therefore, I am going to write a review list of what happened from last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. So sit back and enjoy the fan-craze.

1.  Hannah Getting Over Caleb

I am still sadden that Caleb and Hannah broke up because I thought they were the best couple of Pretty Little Liars ,but since Caleb is now in this new spin-off show Ravenswood, it is understandable of why the writers have to write him off the show.

2. Hannah & Travis a soon-to-be-couple?

I they do not become a couple ,but last season of PLL made it obvious that Travis is going to be the next boyfriend for Hannah. To be honest, I really do not want Hannah to go out with Travis, or any guys this season because I feel that the writers should at have Hannah single for awhile until she finds someone hotter better. First of all, I do not know much about Travis except he helped Hannah’s mom from going to prison and help her friends from  Ezra‘s creepy cabin. Hopefully this season we get to know more about Travis ,although I really don’t want to know about him because I feel like this  show has been introducing me to so many new characters like Jake and I just want to stick with the main important characters.

3. Spencer & Toby

First, I have to say that Spencer is so damn lucky to have parents who let their high school daughter move in with her boyfriend. Spencer lied that she was going to stay with her friends after having a fight with her father. However, Her father found her living with Toby and he found Toby nude in a bath towel. At that point,  I was expecting Mr. Hastings to go nuts and try to “kill” Toby ,but he kept it cooler than I expected. I’m sure he got the clue that his daughter is not a virgin anymore. hahaha

About Toby, he decided to stop solving the mystery about his mother’s unknown death and move on. As for Spencer, she still wants justice for Toby. Toby is right. Spencer need to move on too ,and most importantly mind her own business!

From the first few seasons of PLL, Spencer has been my favorite character,but since Spencer went to the crazy-house (Radley) when she thought Toby was dead, I feel that she does not know how to move on. She puts everyone else before her like Toby and Emily. She has been worrying about everyone’s lives that she cannot even focus on hers.  I have to admit that I got pissed off when Spencer followed Emily when she was seeing Alison. I swear Emily was so pissed that I was really expecting her to tell Spencer to fuck off.  hahahah It would be funny if she did, but it will be inappropriate for public television.

3. Aria, Jake, and Ezra.

I have to admit that I was also mad at Aria. One, she broke up with sexy Jake. Two, she acting dumb as hell! What I cannot get over about is when Ezra lied about him getting upset with his lawyer about seeing Malcolm. If I was Aria, I would of replied and asked:

If you and I know that you are not the father of Malcom, why are still dealing with this baby-mama by wanting to still see Malcolm. And were you discussing this issue at night? Ezra, I smell a liar and it is you. Goodbye. By the way, don’t you dare start stalking me again or else I’m calling the police.

Instead of asking that question, she believes him. Psshhhh!

4.  So Jason has been drinking again.

I was wondering where Jason has been. Ever since he pulled a disappearing act at the hospital, I have been wanting to know for the longest what he has been doing. He has been hiding and drinking. Hopefully, this season I will get to see him.

5. Alison.

So finally we get to see more of Alison which what majority of us been waiting for. Before Spencer crashed Emily and Alison’s lesbian reunion party, Alison revealed that she does not know who is trying to kill her and she cannot come home until they find out who is A. Also, she cannot trust Spencer, Aria, and Hannah to help her. To be honest,  I can understand not trusting Spencer and Hannah ,but I think she can trust Aria. Throughout the while PLL series, Aria has always been the best person to keep secrets and lie. However like Alison said, Emily is her favorite.

6. The new A member in the black hoodie at the end of every episode.

Ok, so here we go again with figuring out who else is wearing a black hoodie  torturing Alison and the girls. Obviously, it is not Ezra because they would of showed his face. So who do you think is in the black hoodie? We can already mark off our suspects: Toby and crazy Mona although she still gives us bad vibes.

Now that I discussed about last nights episode. I want to write a list about what I want for the next few episodes.

1. I want to see and know more of Alison because I feel us fans need more information about where she has been  and who she thought was trying to kill her. Hopefully, she can try to trust Spencer, Hannah, and Aria to help get her life back.

2. I hope Aria gets to know who Ezra really is like.

3.  I want to see Jason and CeCe Drake.

4.  I want Spencer to know how to mind her own business unless she it is A-business.

Well, that is all for now about Season 4 episode 16.  Stay tuned for next week’s Pretty Little Liar’s Review.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle.



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