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Young Adults Getting Married….Why The Rush?

"For better or worse"
“For better or worse”

Dear Love,

When it comes to falling in love, you and your boyfriend/girlfriend cannot help but think about what would life be like if the two of you were to get married in the future.  I am sure every couple thought about it every once in awhile. Trust me, Mr. Bird and I have been together for almost four years and we can’t help but talk about what would life be like if we were to get married and have a family. However, just because we talk about it does not mean we want to get married ASAP.

You know what’s been bugging me  lately? How come so many people near my age are getting married? From high school to college, I keep hearing. “I’m getting married.” In fact, there has been a lot of my former high school classmates getting married! It feels like I am living in the damn 1960s when people get married out of wedlock by the age of 18 to 20-something.

I thought being a young adult is all about exploring a lot of opportunities and having fun before settling down?

When I see young adults getting married, I just cannot take their marriage seriously. What are my reasons? Well for one, I don’t think people really hear the true vows of marriage. Here is good example, “For better or worse” and”, for richer or poorer.” I see most marriages failing because marriage is so materialized that it distracts the true meaning of marriage. For example,  gigantic wedding rings, wedding venues, expensive wedding dress, and etc.  Sometimes I think most women start getting distracted once the man proposes to them with a gorgeous wedding ring that makes me think that they are mostly saying yes to ring than the man. lol

Anyway, about young adults getting married. I am not totally against it, but I cannot support it. I cannot even support couples getting married after dating for less than a year. Does that I mean  I will try to stop the young  lovebirds from getting married? No. It is their life, not mine. If they want to take that route, they can take it.

Young adults can survive marriage. I know my aunt got married at the age of seventeen and they have been married for over fifty-years.

I would love to get married someday, but not anytime soon. I feel that I need to have fun and accomplish my dreams before I settle down. Also, I want to make money to take care of myself and prepare for another person to share my life with. If I ever get engaged, I want my future husband and I to at least enjoy being engaged for a year or more  so he and I can both plan and prepare sharing our lives together. I do not want to be engaged and rush into planning a wedding ceremony. I just want to take my  time with  life.

Life Lesson #61: Life is short, but there is no need to rush it. Enjoy ever last bit of it.

P.S: What do you think about marriage today?  Comment & share your opinion.


6 thoughts on “Young Adults Getting Married….Why The Rush?”

  1. Getting married young is not the end of life it is the beginning of sharing something special. Being committed to one person and having a family is a great goal. It is satisfying to be with one person and provides a strong foundation to build a great adult life

    1. No. Getting married is not the “end-of-world” but it takes responsibility , maturity and commitment from the husband and wife’s love through the better ,or worse.

  2. I got married at 19, and I agree with this to an extent. Most girls who got married at my age are divorced by now. I have been married 4 years going strong. We’ve had tough times, we’ve been completely broke, we’ve had our backs against the wall facing the world and we still made it. Why, we love each other. We grow together, we communicate. We met, and got married at 9 days shy of our first year together. We got walmart rings, got married in a court house and I wouldn’t trade it for a wedding ceremony. I wasn’t really looking for the big ceremony with a ton of people and neither was he. We just wanted to share our day with each other.

    I do believe however, that most couples who marry as young as we did, don’t share the same views we have. It’s sad, and I wish more would listen to your advice.

    1. I am happy to see you two are going strong and I know for sure your marriage will last for a long time. I always wonder who came up with these crazy wedding ceremony rules like bridesmaids. Lol
      Thank you for reading!

    2. I don’t know but it’s pointless. All you really need there, is each other and close relatives. Everything else in my humble opinion is a waste of money you could be using elsewhere.

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