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Get Down And Boogie Oogie Oogie


Dear Mr.Boogie,

Saturday I had a great day. My Mimi (mother) and I went to see Saving Mr. Banks movie in theaters and it was cute, funny, and aspiring. That movie really motivated me to keep writing my novels and maybe one day, one of them will become a movie. I always want my novels to become  movies just like J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I know it not easy to reach that goal and I know that it was not easy for J.K neither, but she accomplished her dream and look at her now. I think she is one of  the richest authors in the world.  I want my dream to be like hers ,but different. If I become a successful author, I want to donate a great percentage of my royalties to people who really deserves a change in their life.

After the movies, I decided that tonight was the night to put on my-my -my my -boogie shoes to go roller-skating. I invited Mr.Bird so he can put some more practice in finding his core-of-balance. Good news is that his balance has improved. After he improves some more to where he starts to gain speed, then it will be time to boogie with the pros on the skating rink.

I love to roller skate even if I do not skate as much as I use to when I was 10. I have say that putting my left foot on the skating ring was just as exciting as putting my left foot on the pedal of a bicycle. It does not matter how old you get because the things you loved as a kid still remains to be exciting and fun.

Life Lesson #60: Life cannot be done without fun.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S: What did you enjoy doing as a child that is still fun today? Comment & share below


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