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The Survival Of The First Week Of Spring Semester


Dear School Life,

Wednesday was the day I have started my spring semester classes. I am excited because this is the last semester that I am taking undergrad classes. After this semester, I will officially become a junior. Yes! I will be part of the “upper class dogs.” haha

About the classes that I am taking this semester, I am taking World Literature 2, Political Science, Digital Media, and French 2001.

My World Literature class is a small class. I met a few students, but only been talking to one of them. The other classmates do not talk so far. I guess it is going to take time for them to warm up ,or not warm up at all. However, the teacher is nice and she seems fair and understandable.

Political Science. The professor canceled the first day of class so I can’t judge about that class as of yet,but the good news is that one of my co-workers from work, John Lennon (not the actual celebrity but he look just like him) will be taking that class also.

Digital Media. Big class size and friendly students. I have actually met a girl that is interested in writing as much as I do. She seems down-to-earth and I love down-to-earth people. Once I get to know her more, I can officially give her a character nickname because I do not reveal real names to the public.

Last but not least, French. Out of all of my previous french classes, this class is packed. Majority of the students are females and I think there are at least three males.

So far this semester is going great except for the trouble of finding a good parking spot, getting my shoes dirty from the wet mud (it was a rainy day), and the cold weather. Life sure does grant bad luck sometimes.

Life Lesson #59: Mayhem happens,but we still carry on.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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