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New Year, New Need.

new year 2014


Dear New Years,

This week I have been thinking about what my New Year’s Resolution will be and this year will be the first year that I am no longer going to have New Year Resolutions. Why is that you might ask? Well, I never commit to resolutions. Resolutions are mostly WANTS and New Year’s resolutions should be about NEEDS. For example…

If you are overweight and at a serious health risk, the resolution should be the NEED to lose weight.

If you are a smoker and swear every New Year’s Day that you are going to quit smoking and give up few months later, the resolution this year should be a NEED to fight smoking addiction.

If you are going for the “New Year, New Me” resolution, the resolution should be the NEED to change your current habits that doesn’t please you ,or your peers.

New Year’s Resolutions should be about what you NEED ,not what you WANT!   Wanting means wishing and sometimes wishes do not come true, unless you are lucky. However, needing means chasing, thriving, and working hard for what you need to do to feel mentally and physically healthy. What I mean by healthy is not about weight and diet.

Healthy is all about happiness~

Life Lesson #57: Do what you NEED to do to be happy.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~



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