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Do Women Have The Right To Hit Men For No Reason?

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Dear Life,

It has been a very long time since I have written a blog post for My Fair Diary due to focusing on my college classes. I must say this fall semester has been bumpy.  I had to withdraw from my British Literature class due to a very lazy complicated professor who just don’t give a damn and likes to do nothing but munch on food. I guess the name I will give her is Dr. Munchies. haha Anyway, as for my other classes, I have been doing very well.

As for my job, I have been working hard. The employees I have been getting to know are cool, but there are certain employees that I thought I would be cool with ended up not being with cool at all. For example, one day this week, a female employee, Little Miss Tart, slapped my boyfriend Mr.Bird for no certain reason. At first, it was all laughs and I know Mr. Bird did not say anything to insult her ,but all I know was that I was there sitting right next him when she did that. She did not bitch-slapped him, but she did a baby slap to his face….

Bitch slap or baby slap, I really wanted to pick her up and drop her hard into a dumpster. Too bad, this happened at work. I really did not want to get fired, but she should be fired because she hardly is any help with her employees anyway.

A few days later, I guess the employees was spreading the word about me being pissed at her, and she finally apologized to Mr.Bird and told him to tell me that she was sorry. Did I forgive her? Not quite. Should I forgive her? Not until she apologize to me in person. Having someone else telling me that he/she is sorry is just a sign that the person is not taking the apology seriously. Therefore, I do not forgive her.

A woman does NOT have a right to slap a man just because. If the man is a complete asshole or throws int he first attack, then she has a reason to slap him. Although, if a woman just slaps the man for no reason and just do it to have power over men, that is wrong.

You know, this seems like a good topic to continue on how I feel about women mistreating men. I hear so much media about men mistreating women that I never once hear about a woman mistreating a man.

You know, I have been reading a lot news articles and debates about whether a man can defend himself when a woman goes out of line by throwing the first punch.

For example,

Few months ago I watched a  video of two females at McDonald’s arguing with a male Mcdonald’s employee over maybe a mistake in their order. Instead of the women handling the situation like adults, they climbed over the counter and started beating up the guy.  The man eventually grab some stick-thing to defend himself and started beating up the women. 

Here is the video:

I have no clue whether the man said anything that offended the ratchet women , but if he did, they would of reported it to the manager. If he didn’t say anything, the women would of handled it patiently and maturely. I must say that in my opinion, the women deserved it.  Some of you think, he was wrong because they were females.

As a female, not all females deserve to the wear the crown of being a lady. Certain women rather just take advantage with their gender as an excuse to treat men like shit and that is where I draw the line.

Life Lesson #55: Every human should be treated with respect and it does NOT matter what gender, race, or sexuality.

Thanks For Reading,

Lady Elle~


3 thoughts on “Do Women Have The Right To Hit Men For No Reason?”

  1. this is a very good subject to discuss, forgiveness is a requirement not a consideration. you can forgive but never forget how that once a snake always a snake.

    On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 9:10 PM, My Fair Diary

  2. I totally agree with you! Women should not get away with treating men that way. It’s sad that the world view on this subject is such that it’s “okay” for a woman to hit a man. It is degrading and insulting. Over the years, I have met a few men who have even exhibited behavior typical of battered spouse syndrome, and their abusers have gone unpunished because of the stigma attached to it (being a “sissy”, unable to take it, being beaten up by a “girl”, etc.). Often they just take it and don’t fight back, and most men never report it. A man can be abused just as easily as a woman can, and the long-term effects are the same. Great post on a “taboo” subject!

  3. True, true. I find it irritating when women (or anyone, really) takes advantage of having a “weak” appearance and uses it to justify abusing people who are “stronger.” Getting to slap a man whenever you want is not equality and it most certainly isn’t feminism.

    Haha, I have slapped my partner seriously once and he truly was being an asshole. If a woman were to do that all the time: 1) It’s not right to do without provocation, and 2) Just resorting to slapping degrades the impact of a slap over time. This one time that I slapped him was pretty harsh because I’d never done it seriously before (always just for play before) and I was so furious, I needed him to know just how hurt I felt :P All’s fair in love and war, eh?

    Nice to see you’re back.

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