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I Am NOT the Babysitter!



Dear Mad,

My parents are throwing a boxing-match party and everything was just running smoothly. It is just all of us adults having fun….until some guests started bringing in their children!

At eight-thirty at night, I got off from work and decided to go home and take a shower. After my refreshing shower, I changed into my comfortable clothes; grab some party food from the basement, because I was mostly hungry. I did not want to stay watching two men pounding each other.

I went upstairs, ate and relaxed in the living room thinking I can spend some alone time by myself until two women brought their two kids to the party. I welcomed them inside and told them that the party was in the basement and I was hoping that they would take their children with them, but did they? No!  They asked five minutes later if their kids could play in the living room! In other words, babysit them!

Right now, I am pissed because I wanted to spend time by myself. The party was supposed to be an all-adult party! I am sorry, if the women wanted me to babysit them, they would have to pay me first because I do NOT babysit for free.

Just because I am a young-adult college student does NOT mean I should babysit people’s children when there is a party thrown at my house. I am sorry, but that is not going to work with me at all. People should NOT leave their responsibility to other people because that is just rude.

Life Lesson #54:  It is okay to bring children to the party ,but do NOT leave them alone with other people to babysit.  People want to enjoy themselves, not deal with your responsibilities.

Thanks For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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