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The Five Points About Twerking



Dear “New” Dance Craze,

I am just going to write this out from my mind and just explain my feelings towards twerking.

1. Twerking is a short dance trend so eventually it will stay a trend for a while
and die except  at clubs and strip clubs.

2. Just because a young girl is trying to twerk does not mean she will eventually go to the wrong path. Children will forever be curious around their surroundings so it is the parents responcibility to guide them to the right path.

3. Twerking is not a new dance. Twerking has been going around since the mid 90s.

4. About Miley Cyrus, she is just expressing herself. There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself. I believe she is still in a process of trying to develop her personality and who she is.

5.  Whoever likes this new “twerking” dance. Whatever you do, please don’t try this at home. This is just taking it too far to extreme:

Life Lesson #53:
Twerking is not for everybody so we should all twerk responsibly.

Twerk safe , my beautiful readers.

Lady Elle~


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