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My Life Is Full Of Hope


Dear Life,

Last week has been a surprising week. Last Monday, the fall semester began. I am currently taking Bristish Literature, World Literature, I Itec Computer, and French 2.

The first week of school went very well especially the first day because I ran into a familiar face……The HolyBlowfish. Funny how life surprises  me.  In case some of you are new reading my blog, The Holyblowfish is a girl at my church who likes to give me evil glares and acts like she is a holy saint. I don’t know her, I never did anything to her, and I never actually talked to her until I ran into her on campus last week.

Since Holyblowfish  is a new student at my school, I just walked over to her, smiled, and said “hey.” She smiles and replied “hi” with a little girl high-pitch tone. No stares, no glares……weird. She greeted me like we met for the first time. Maybe she has moved on from her jealousy towards me.  I would like for us to start over and get  to know each other for once, but like any other female, she much rather still hold a grudge against me. It’s okay.  Being a female is not easy when dealing with other females who despise you. For once I wish a lot of women can get to know other females without judging and being jealous. It is okay to feel jealous, but females should not be afraid to compliment other females and hold a mean grudge.

About my job, Tuesday, I checked my work schedule and realized that my job position is now a table setter. I am free from being a host..for now. Last Thursday was my last day of hosting. As for my co-workers, they are cool and funny. There were some co-workers that I had to get to know before I judge something bad about them ,but after all, the rest of them are down-to-earth friendly.

Saturday I took Mr.Bird (my boyfriend) to the airport. He will be in Kansas for a month to work over there to save money for a car and to start school next semester.  Now that he is gone, everyone is making fun of me thinking that I am going to be depressed and crying. Hahahaha-yeah right : P Mr. Bird and I will be A-OK.  Of course we are going to miss each other. That’s what couples do when their other half is fifteen hours away. I hope he gets what he wants without any problems in the way. I have faith in him as much as he has faith in me to become a writer. Mr. Bird and I are more than just a couple. We are best friends who support each other through the good and the bad.

This Labor Day weekend I am so excited because my family is coming! This Saturday, my parents are throwing a Labor Day barbecue. Good food, good music and, great fun. I can’t wait!

As for my writing, I have been writing two novels so far. I am not going to reveal what my novels are going to be about ,but I can you a few things….

1. It is a fiction story

2.  It has fantasy

3. Both novels may have more than ten volumes

Yes, that is all I can reveal for now. I am really passionate about both of my novels and hopefully once it gets published, other people will become passionate too. Every chapter I write is like a step closer to fulfilling my dreams.

Life Lesson #52:  Do what you love and never stop. If you stop, you might regret it.

Thanks For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S:  Have you ever had your novel published before? If so, please  comment and share about that experience.


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