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Things Are Not What It Seems



Dear Job,

Two week ago I was hired for host position at a popular Italian restaurant. If f you want know how my job has been coming along. Well, for a few days I thought I really got the hang of it, but to be honest…hosting is hard as hell.

Yea, hosting is not  an easy job, especially when you dealing with many customers. At the beginning of the day, hosting is easy because people are slowly coming in and I would seat them right away, but when it gets busy, I would speed up as fast as I can and make sure that everyone is satisfied.

Funny. For the first few days I thought I was doing a great job as host, but according to other hosts, they do not think so. One of the host trained me and I could have sworn I asked her if everything I was doing is right. She said I did, but she told the manager  that there were some skills that I need to improve when hosting. I understand what she means, but instead of telling somebody else about my job performance, she should have been honest with telling me first of what I am doing wrong.

Today, I worked for one of the host because she/he had an important event to attend. The employees said that Saturdays are the busiest days. No kidding. Hosting on Saturday really kicked me in the ass. I believe I have written about a hundred names. Anyway, it was a great long adventure. After the secret conversation about my job performance, I did my best that day to prove them wrong. Thanks to one of my mangers Mr. Smokey, he told me mostly on how to time each seating customer. By the way, he clearly explained of what I am doing wrong and I appreciate it dearly. After my night shift, I asked whether he could assign me a different position  because I feel that I am just not ready for the host position. He said he would work something out for me. There is a chance that I am going to a table setter, or maybe a host/table setter. Setting tables should be very easy. I believe that is all right with me.

Anyway, I am going to prove everyone wrong about my job performance. I am going to get what is mine. All I need is faith, hard work, and confidence.

Life Lesson #51:  Giving up is an easy thing to do, but working hard will take you where you want to go.

Thanks For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S: Wish me luck~


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