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Starting The School Semester In Style


Dear Morning,

This morning I woke refreshed from the five long days of the week and had a hot cup of tea. It has been a while since I had hot tea because I would usually drink cold sweet tea. It is a southern thing.

I remember when I lived up north in Michigan, I would always ask for sweet tea every time I went out to eat. It took me ten years to know that sweet tea didn’t exist in the the north. So, whenever I wanted sweet tea, I would wait until it was time to visit my grandmother. Now that I live in the south again, I feel more close to home and the sweet tea. haha

Recently, I have finally received my final grades for the summer. I have all As. Yay! From my previous blog posts, I have been nagging and complaining about when I was going to see my final grades. It took a month to wait. A month! They did not even post the final grades until every single student was done with summer classes.

Anyway, I cannot wait for fall semester to start and to start working because I just do not like staying in the house. I would go out and shop but I am on a tight budget. I know the only things that I am going to spend on are books and school supplies. Especially, the books!  My fall semester books are expensive this semester coming up. Therefore, I shall shop until I am dead gorgeous because I am going to shop for the stylish school supplies. School cannot be fun without colorful notebooks and pens to keep you entertained. I really want to buy an antique briefcase to store my supplies just like the picture below:


I love vintage stuff~

Speaking of school supplies, whatever happened to the Lisa Frank school supplies? In case some of you do not remember, here are a few pictures to refresh your memory:




When I was a little girl I used to always bug my Mimi (mother) to buy Lisa Frank’s notebooks and binders for me. I never cared for the stickers and pens. Recently, I have been looking for the notebooks and other stuff, but couldn’t find anywhere in the nearby stores. Weird…

I did a little research about Lisa Frank and what happened to their products. I found the answer to the question and the answer is right here. To make story short, Lisa Frank is now vintage, but according to the Lisa Frank website, you can still buy their products online…yea. Lisa Frank is history, but I have a feeling Lisa Frank will make a future comeback. Who knows? We shall wait and see.

Life Lesson #49: Some things can’t always last forever.

Thank You,

Lady Elle~


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