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The Forever Unemployed Is Finally Hired!


keep-calm-you-re-hired (1)


Dear Employment,


Ladies and gentlemen, Lady Elle has just completed a short-time goal! What goal might that be? A job! Yes, I have been hired to work as a host at Provino’s Italian Restaurant, thanks to Mr. Bird (my boyfriend) and his manager Smokey the Bear.


From my previous blog post “Help Wanted For The Forever Unemployed” I have talked about my struggle of having a part-time job and that I applied to so many jobs without a call back, nor feedback. I contacted Mr. Bird about a job opening at his job because he is a waiter for Provino’s Italian Restaurant. However, he contacted his manager an interview with me. The manager interviewed me and I was hired on the spot as a host!


I am so excited to work. I know many people say that work is stressful, but to me a job will be a stress relief because I just love to keep myself busy. I guess I have a personality trait of a workaholic. Well, that will be great. Although, since I will be balancing school and work, I have to be expand my brain and work hard none stop so I can keep my job and most importantly my G.P.A.

I know there has been a few people concern about Mr. Bird and I working at the same workplace, but I explained to everyone that the relationship between him and I is outside of work. What Mr. Bird and I have in common is that we know what is appropriate and not. If ever he and I get into an issue, we will still keep things professional at work. It may be awkward, but we should not let our issue interfere with work.

Life Lesson #48:  What happens outside stays outside. Leave the issues at home when in public.

Thank You,

Lady Elle~


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