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Help Wanted For The Forever Unemployed!


Dear Difficult,

Have you ever applied for so many jobs for the past few years and it seems as if nobody will ever give you a chance for an interview? Well, that has been my huge issue for the past two years.  Lately, I have been applying for more than fifteen jobs and so far I have not received a phone call, nor email for an interview. Why is that?

I am a full-time ambitious college student with a very flexible schedule to have a part-time job.  I take responsibility seriously when it comes to daily duties.  The only issue I am guessing is that I never had a job before, but how I am suppose to get a job if the companies I apply for will not hire me? Maybe it is because I am a young adult/teenager and immediately fall into the category of a non-responsible and careless teenager.  If that is the case, they should not discriminate me because of my age.

What I mostly hate about applying for jobs is applying online.  Applying online has got to be the most annoying thing on the planet, especially when you have to go through a long process of filling out every single question and answer.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of research on whether companies really check through all of online applications ,because I have read where most of them just leave the filled-out applications in their computer system until they decide to delete the applications and never reply back to the applicant on whether he/she gets the job or not. This applying-online system needs to change because it is a waste of time to apply online and wait for a long time without receiving a email on whether the person gets the job or not.

Most managers get annoyed when applicants call to follow-up on the status of their application.  I use to call the hiring managers about my application, but not anymore. I know the best way to get a job is to stand out from all the other applicants, but I am not surprised if a lot of people tried and failed.   I am not an expert when it comes to being manager, but I do believe that a manager should at least email the applicant on whether the person gets the job, or not. The manager does not have to personally email them, but somehow send an automatic email back regarding about their application.  It will not only make managers less annoyed, but it will also make a lot of applicants feel as if they did not waste time going through the online application process.

Tonight, I have an interview with Mr. Bird’s (my boyfriend) manager about working as a hostess at Provino’s Italian Restaurant.  I never thought of working at the same job with my boyfriend, but I am at the break where I just refuse to waste anymore time applying for companies that are not going to contact you back.

Life Lesson #47: Life is full of choices, but we cannot completely depend on every single one of them.

Wish me luck,

Lady Elle~


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