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What Do I Get In Return?


Dear Vacation,

It is just me writing to my beautiful readers as I sit outside on this hotel balcony that shows a beautiful view of the beautiful beach here in Destin, Florida.

Here is a picture of view:


Beautiful isn’t it? Hopefully the picture looks close to professional.  I been trying to improve my photography skills by using my Samsung Galaxy 3. Don’t judge me, I am a writer trying to use my own pictures for my blog.  So, my cell phone is my beginners’ practice.

For the past three days I have been on vacation here at Destin, Florida with Mr.Bird and his family. I have been enjoying myself throughout these three days.  I went swimming ( more like standing in the water and splashing because I can’t swim), shopping ,and tanning under the sun.

Right now as I look outside, I think about about what I want in life. Of course I want to be a writer , but the real question for myself is what I want in  return?  In other words, if I do become a famous writer, what kind of life should  I earn from that success.

Right now, all I want is for people to read my writing and acknowledge my creativity. I guess I want to leave a mark on this earth so everyone will remember my name for my talent. 

If I do leave a huge mark on this beautiful planet,  I want to travel around the world to find inspiration for my writing.  Maybe I  want to get married and  have children with someone who has deep faith and love in me who is as adventurous and ambitious like me.

Somehow, I see myself living somewhere near a beautiful beach like Destin, Florida or in a foreign country in Europe.  I would love to go to Switzerland to enjoy the beautiful scenery as I indulge myself with rich chocolates.  I love chocolate.  I can eat chocolate more than food itself. Chocolate is my longlife gift. If I do become a writer with a lot of money in the bank, I would love to start my own chocolate buisness or maybe some kind of fancy tea party theme restaurant where little girls and women can dress up and indulge themselves with fancy gourmet treats and huge variety of imported tea. I believe every female should enjoy her feminism every now and then.

Sky is the limit but I want the sun. With the sun’s light, I can keep my head up high and carry on.

Life Lesson #44: If you want it, you have to work hard to earn it.

Thanks For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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