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Happy Rest & Relax Day


Dear Monday,

This morning ,I felt verrry slow. I went to my Power Stretching class and just felt light headed and dizzy. It is weird because I would always show up to class energetic ,but somehow my body wasn’t feeling a good workout today.  So, I did the best that I could in that class.

I guess I am not the only one with my body shutting down. My parents and Mr. Bird (my boyfriend) also took today to relax. I guess when your body been in and out the house a lot, your body gives you a signal that it needs to rest.

Anyway, let us not think about rest now because I am so excited for this week and the next. First of all, tonight I will be watching a new episode of my new favorite show, Hit The Floor.


Ever since the first episode, I got hooked and wanted to watch it every week on Mondays.   Also, my mimi (mother) also likes the show so that means my mimi and I can bond every Monday night to watch Hit The Floor. I’m excited!

What I am mostly excited for is my overall favorite show, Pretty Little Liars!!!.


Gosh, I would kill for a red coat like that. The girls always have me hooked with their fashion.  So I believe this is going to be the fourth season premiere Tuesday night at 8/7c.    From what I heard on Facebook, they are going to reveal a lot of secrets including who is dead in the trunk from Wilden‘s police car. I hope it is Wilden. I know the whole show is acting but I really can’t stand him. I would trade Wilden’s death and have Garrett back on the show so he can reveal more secrets. I had high hopes for Garrett ,but somebody just had to kill him. Damn.  I feel bad for the girls that have to go through all this. Murder after Murder. The more people they meet, the more trouble.  I think in this season, they should reveal more of red coat because I am for sure that was Alison….or Courtney.  I don’t care ,but I am ready for the new season.


I can predict that this Thursday night Mr.Bird will be wanting to see The Man of Steel. He is a major Superman fan. As for me, I am a Batman fan. Hopefully the movie will be very good. I have been seeing a million advertisements for this movie and it better be great. I have  a feeling it may reach top box office.  Besides, the only thing I am impressed about is the actor they chose to play Superman. With all honesty, he is sure a hottie. He has just made the last Superman look like a nerd than a superhero heartthrob. Therefore, I give the cast directors an A+ on casting this gorgeous man to play Superman. I will be hoping for shirtless scenes from the movie. Come on, at least give the ladies a “view of satisfaction.”

Anyway, that is all I have to say for today. I hope everyone is feeling energetic today. I am slowly getting up there.

Life Lesson #43:  If you want to work hard longer, give your body some rest. Put yourself first every now and then.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~


3 thoughts on “Happy Rest & Relax Day”

  1. Right, dear. You should never make yourself sad and gloomy. But the feeling of regret comes from inside, which is a natural response for situations we subconsciously feel they could be probably improved. I would see if it was trying to teach me a little smiley ‘life lesson’ :) or it was just another colorful day that passed by. Be Cheerful!

  2. Very nice and interesting post. The balance between what we really want to do and how much our body, mind, soul, moods and all endowments can offer can be challenging from time to time. I guess the way that days and nights shift everyday with night as the nature’s rest time and day as the nature’s work time also suggests that for a successful day a calm night is needed. Enjoy days and nights :)

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