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What A Beautiful,Yet Unexpected Saturday


Dear Saturday,

Saturday was the perfect day and weather to go to downtown Atlanta. Mr. Bird (my boyfriend), his nieces, and I went downtown and ate at the Varsity for the first time. We were going to our favorite seafood restaurant, Six Feet Under. Six Feet Under is a popular seafood restaurant and bar that is locate right next to the historical cemetery.  Every time Mr.Bird and I go there, I always want to go across the street to the  cemetery and check out all of the beautiful mausoleums and the old tomb stones. Something about the dead just really connects to me somehow. Unlike most people, I feel death should not be a scary ,or a sad thing. I see death as a beautiful thing.

Anyway, we did not go to Six Feet Under that time because we wanted to try something new and I think Mr.Bird and I  had a feeling that his nieces would not like the food there anyway. So, we went to Varsity and it was really crowded. I guess we arrived during lunch hour.  We all ordered hamburgers. On the menu, the burgers looked big and I remember watching the Travel Channel and heard Varsity’s burgers were really good. Well when we got them, the hamburgers looked small like McDonald‘s happy meal burgers. We tried it anyway, but by the look of all of our faces, we didn’t really care for the food. First of all, if we wanted a hamburger, we would of went to Burger King. However, we tried something new and I don’t think we will never go back there to eat again. haha

After we ate at the Varsity, we went to Martin Luther King’s Historic Museum. It had been a long time since I been there. I remember my mother and I went there and everything seemed big. I guess I was short. We went there and I was happy to bring his nieces there so they can see how it much America has changed and to show them that everything is possible to make their dreams come true. It does not matter what race you are. I know I am just a family friend to Mr. Bird’s nieces ,but somehow I feel as if they are important to me like family. I hope they feel the same way about me.

After the Martin Luther King Museum, we went back home and Mr. Bird and I went shopping.  I don’t know what Mr. Bird was shopping for. I know I was shopping for workout clothes ,but decided to buy pajamas.

I must say this world is so small. It does not matter how far you go, you will always end up running into someone you know, even the ones you wish you never met. Yes, this happened to me. Who was it? It was Don. In case some have not heard about Don, I  wrote about him from my previous blog post ,”The Most Embarrassing Moment of The Month“.

To make the story short, Don was one of my high school classmates that I had met at a job fair at this store Five Below and accidentally sent a Valentine’s Day text to him ,but it was suppose to be  for Mr.Bird. Yea, it was really embarrassing.

So, Mr. Bird and I were waiting in line for an available cashier at Marshall’s (a clothing store)  and I saw Don working as a cashier. I was awkwardly nervous because I was next in line and he was almost done checking out the customer’s stuff. I told Mr.Bird about it and he laughed. The world works in mysterious ways because Don was done and I had no choice but to go to his cashier station.  I walked up with stride and bravery and started the professional conversation. I said hi, asked him how he was doing, and asked whether he got hired by Five Below. He said he did ,but did not stay there long because the store dis not pay their employees enough. To me, I felt great because I wanted that job and I did my very best from the job interview ,but they did not hire me.  I’m glad they didn’t ,because that was a sign that there will be a job worth working for. Now, I wonder what job will it be. Hopefully, my job is related to writing. I would love to get paid to write. That has always been my dream.

Sometimes I wish people can understand how much I am passionate of wanting to become a writer, especially my step-father. He thinks I should be a nurse ,or a flight attendant because it is easy pay without struggle, but I don’t want that.  I love to take care of people and travel, but I don’t want  neither of those careers.  I want to take the hard route. I want the struggle and hardship of becoming a famous writer. I don’t care if I get paid little. I rather have a job that I’ll enjoy mentally and physically than having  a job where I am just there for the  money and not happy. For example, one of my professors told me a story about one of her cousins who is an engineer ,but hates his job.  Her cousin loves his paycheck ,but hates what he has to do everyday. He hates his job so bad that he never wants to talk about it.  I don’t want that.  I want a job that I will enjoy everyday of my life so I can share my happiness of having that job.  I want a job where I can be physical and mentally well and that is becoming a writer.

Life Lesson #42:  Nobody knows what is best for you ,but you.  Live only your dreams, not everyone else’s.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S:  I believe in you.


3 thoughts on “What A Beautiful,Yet Unexpected Saturday”

  1. Dear You,

    Isn’t true that while we should have confidence in ourselves and our understanding of ourselves, we are also ignorant about us and have a long way to figure things out how we are and our real selves through events that occur. I assume while it looks like we are the closest to know our real selves, we still do not have a clear picture inside, definitely better than others, though which makes us better leaders of our lives. But back-casting at my life, it looks like a fact that a light from some experience or a lesson of life or some understanding or new perspective shared by a fellow could make us more informed and aware of our strengths and weaknesses and shapes us and forms our newer personality. Thus, the journey to learn more about ourselves has no end and it is quite interesting and exciting…

    1. Thank you for you inspired comment. I agree, everyday we learn something new about ourselves everyday due to unexpected events. Life is a beautiful journey to explore about ourselves.

  2. i believe in you too. you can be anything you want to be, keep doing what your doing getting educated in the field you wish to be, having different life experiences and enjoying and learning from life. you will exceed and i will be the first to stand and say……thats my grandbaby

    On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 10:40 AM, My Fair Diary

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