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My Dream Happy Place



Dear Imagination,

Today, I feel like daydreaming. I love to daydream. I confess that daydreaming is my overall habit and I cannot complain. Daydreaming to me is like a mental relaxer. When I am sad, I daydream. When I am stressed, I daydream. When I am mad, I would daydream a lot of karma on a person. Call me crazy, but I am sure other people wish karma on other people. We’re human so don’t deny it.

For this blog post, I want to share my dream happy place. A place where everything is just perfect that you will never want to go back into the real world of chaos.  Let us face it. We all have an ideal happy place and I will be honored to share mine.

I imagine my happy place somewhere in Europe where there are beautiful mountains and land full with beautiful tulips. In the middle of the land of tulips is my stylish black and white European cottage.

Example Pictures~



In my stylish cottage, I am having a tea party with famous celebrities like:

1. Michael Jackson


2. Audrey Hepburn


3. Marilyn Monroe


4.  Charlie Chaplin

charlie chaplin

5. Jane Russell

Jane Russell

6. Tony Curtis

tony cutis

7.  Gene Kelly

gene kelley

There are so many other celebrities ,but I am just going to stop at seven haha

Yes people, I am very old school. More like ultra retro. Sometimes I feel like I do not belong in this decade. I feel like I should of been born around in the 1960s or earlier.

I confess that I am a young adult who watches Turner Classic Movies because unlike movies that are out now, the black and white movies had magic and craft. Don’t get me wrong, I do like certain movies today,but my heart feels more warm with the classics.

You know, I feel so good expressing myself and most importantly being myself. Sometimes I would see a lot of people trying to wear a mask and be like everyone else.  I refuse to be like everyone else. Wearing a mask of lies is just going to make you feel trapped and scared of what other people would say or judge about you. Even if you are yourself, people will still judge and you will just have to remove your mask and face your fears. We cannot help who we are and people will just have to shut up and accept it.

Life Lesson #41: Remove the mask and show yourself. Life is too to be like everyone else.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S:  Share me your ideal happy place by commenting below~


1 thought on “My Dream Happy Place”

  1. Lady Elle,
    I totally agree with you about day dreaming. In my day dream, I am rich with no worries about what bill is due next. In my day dream, my husband is loving and supportive, and my daughter is my hero. We are totally happy and traveling the world at a every whim. Most of all, all of my daughter’s hopes and dreams are fulfilled according to her desire and choices.

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