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I Just Don’t Give A Spam


Dear Blog Life,

It has been a few months since I started blogging on My Fair Diary and I couldn’t ask for anything more…..well..maybe one of my stories to be published once it is done.  Everyday, I will learn different stuff on WordPress about upgrading my blog site ,but right now I am going to be cheap until this blog gets more attention. So far, I think this blog is at a good start so far.

So about WordPress, I have been slowly learning more of what I can do for my blog.  I have met some bloggers  in-person and some say that I can get paid blogging. I  did not know that certain bloggers can get paid.  Most bloggers that get paid say that they do not get paid a lot but it was enough for their satisfaction. I would love to get paid for blogging ,but I am going to wait until I can get full information on how to transition to that.

So, lately I have been checking my dashboard and saw that I had about 25 spam comments. I have checked the 25 spam comments and there were some that I can identify as spam. At first I got confused with the some of the spam comments because it looked like a real person was really complimenting my blog and everything. I have to be honest, I started to have an ego and approved those comments on my blog until I read that the “compliment comments” were really just spam.  My ego just went down the drain after that. I immediately  deleted the “compliment comments”.

Damn. After a while I thought some of the spams were just real people really complimenting my work ,but it was just spammers that are just spamming a lot of bullshit. They would go this far by just giving you a good looking apple ,but with poison inside.  Unfortunately to them, I am very highly immuned to stuff like this.

I wonder how in the world did spamming become a random trend. What is the point for spamming people’s webpage. Do these people get paid a lot in order to spam a million times a day? Maybe the spammers just hate life and just want to ruin everyone’s day by giving people’s website hell. I don’t know ,but these spammers obviously have a lot of time on their hands. Too much ,I say.

I love blogging. When I take a break from writing my stories, I would go online and blog my heart out of what I want to write about. It can be serious, helpful, and silly. I do take my writing seriously ,but sometimes I want to mix it in with fun. Writing is suppose to be fun. That is why a lot of people like to read their favorite blogger’s material.  Everyone enjoys a little humor every now and then.

Life Lesson #40:  Writing is suppose to be fun so you can make your readers stunned.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~



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