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What Has The World Come To With Parenting?

Lost Child

Dear Change,

Yesterday, my family and I were invited to a jazz festival at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia.  I enjoyed myself a lot.  I enjoyed the live music, the people, and the food.  I mostly ate fruit throughout the whole event because every summer I would always crave fruit.  Anyway, I really enjoyed myself and I wished Mr. Bird (my boyfriend) were there.

Here is a picture of how big the festival was~

jazz fesitval

In between the performances, the host would bring a lost child or two on stage to help locate them back to their parents.  First off, I did not have a problem with the host helping the kids find their parents, but the problem I was upset about was that these kids were only ages three to five years old!  What has the world come to?! Since when parents stopped watching their own children? On the hilarious part, when the host announced the last lost child, she also announced that the Department of Family Services had arrived in case the parent does not claim their child. I do not care what other people say. It is a damn shame for some irresponsible parents to not care for of their children.  I am for sure glad that I was not there to see what the crazy parent’s excuse was when they re-claimed their children because I bet it was something like this:

Oh I was watching my child, and got distracted for five seconds and couldn’t find him!”

Of course, parents make mistakes, but if you want to prevent your child from wandering off , buy your child a child-leash, or some kind of mini half stroller-half bike.

Here are pictures for  examples:


baby leash

On the other hand, if you do not want to spend money, then have the child hold your hand wherever you go.  I know losing a child is a normal habit for most parents, but they must try not to let it happen again because this world is not a perfect place. We have kidnappers, pedophiles, and other crazy criminals roaming around the world.  The news reports missing children every day and majority of the missing children are ending up dead.

I know I am not a parent, I know that I am only a young adult, and cannot fit in other peoples shoes, but I do know how a parent should care for their child.   I asked my own mother about whether if she had ever lost me like the kids at the festival when I was kid and my mother said no and I believe her because my mother loved me so much that she would not even live another day if anything were to happen to me.  That, my readers, is love.

Some of you do not get me wrong, but I understand parents are perfect when raising a child. Most of the time it takes a village to raise a child, but I do believe parents especially, new parents should at least observe the villagers to know what is right ,or wrong to raise a child.  The villagers can be the grandparents, or any person who experienced parenthood. Just know the right villagers, please because the villagers I have seen lately do not seem to know responsibility yet or at all.

Parents, new parents, or want-to-be-parents, when you have a child in your life, life is not all about you anymore. It is about your children. It is your responsibility to show how much you love and would sacrifice for the best for your kids. Children are our future and we must show support and love in order for them go through the beautiful path of life.

I hope this blog post makes a difference.

Life Lesson #38: It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a parent to learn from a village.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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