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Congratulations and Beautiful Thanks!


Dear Happiness,

I have just checked the statistics about my blog MyFairDiary and congratulations to my blog that it has has reached 5, 000 views and 50 follower! Yay *throws confetti*

First of all I want to thank WordPress for creating such a awsome blog-making site. Without WordPress, I do not think any other website can help share my writing as much WordPress. WordPress by far is the best website.  No objections.

Most importantly I want to thank my followers and my reading audience.  To my old followers I want to say thank you for your most genuine support. To my new and latest followers,  I want to say welcome and thank you for your support as well. I promise to keep entertaining my reading audience.

Also, I would like to thank the bloggers from WordPress and non-bloggers for their likes and support as well. Hopefully my blog will appeal to your liking for you to start following.

If some of you are lost of what MyFairDiary is about. I honestly have to say that I am not sure myself but my hope for this blog is for people to understand life from my life experiences. I believe it makes people feel good about themselves and stay confident. My blog is not only life lessons for you but it is also for me. This blog makes me feel inspired and hopefully this blog can inspire other people to be the best they want to be. 

You all do not know how happy I am  for my blog to reach that number of views and followers. I know some of you think 5, 000 views and 50 followers is not a big deal but what new bloggers like myself need to understand that blogging takes time. You cannot expect a million veiws and followers in a quickness like a week , month, or year. You have to be paitent. From my blog experience,  my blog only had 12 views for about three month. After those three months my blog started to gain interest.  Patients and commitment is the key to a successful blog. Now my blog is a success. …..yet. haha

Life Lesson #37: The hardest thing to do is commit , but the easy thing to do is to give up.

Thank You My Beautiful Readers, ♡♥♡♥

Lady Elle ~


1 thought on “Congratulations and Beautiful Thanks!”

  1. ‘I believe her because my mother loved me so much that she would not even live another day if anything were to happen to me.’ wonderfully put. Such delightful thoughts and feelings inspired by these nice words. Thanks!

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