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My Summer Blissful Day



Dear Summer,

Today is a hot day and I love it. I woke up refreshed and ready for my first summer course Power Stretching. Luckily  I met a student named Columbus Girl (I do not reveal names). She is from Columbus University and she takes her  physical education classes at my school. She seems nice and I can tell she was a little shy, but that is alright because I would get a little shy myself when meeting new people. I must warn you, once I warm up and start to talk, I will have a hard time to shut-up. I an only child, I don’t have a lot of attention at home. haha

Anyway, about the Power Stretching class. My professor or gym instructor is down-to-earth with a huge foreign accent. I think she  said that she was from Sweden. My instructor explained a bit about the class and she made me and the class knew first-hand that the class is not a “calming-yoga”class. She swore to us that we are going to sweat and this is good because I need to sweat the toxins out my body and get in shape for the beach this summer.  Therefore, with the four days a week power stretching class and my daily cardio, I should be slimming down in no time.

Also, I have been dieting. I been mostly eating less and eating protein. For example, I had chicken with water. Yea…sounds boring but interesting to me. Chicken is not my most favorite meat to eat because I am more of a seafood person. Chicken can get annoying to eat, but it is cheap to buy.

This week Mr. Bird (My boyfriend) will be leaving me to Kansas to spend more time with family so that means I will get to have a girls night weekend! I do not have many female friends because the more females, the more drama. I always question how Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw can still keep her three best friends that are very different from her personality. The only thing I learned from the show was to accept my friends for who they are. It does not matter if she is a goody-two-shoes, feminist, or a freak-in-the sheets. All I need to do is show support.


Life Lesson #36:  You can wait on life ,but life will not wait for you.


Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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