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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger


Dear Confidence,

Before I go on with my main topic, I want to make three exciting announcements:

1.  I have made As and Bs this semester and I am very proud of myself that I am a hard-working student. I have only two more semesters to go and I will be studying for my major in English & Rhetoric!

2.  My cousin TreeTop will be graduating from high school this month. Therefore, in a few weeks, I will be going to Florida to be there for his graduation. After high school, he will be in the army and I wish him the very best of life.

3. Lastly, I just received my first bad comment from one of my beautiful reading audience! I know some of you question of why I am happy for that. Well, I am happy because that person took the time to read my whole blog post and to comment about her disagreements against it.

What I learned about being becoming a writer is that not everyone is going to like your writing and that’s alright because everyone is different. I know I cannot have everyone agree with me and I know I should not let bad comments prevent me from writing about what I believe. I have the freedom of speech and the freedom of press.

It is okay to have bad reviews. Every director, author, and other creative professions have dealt with bad reviews, but the bad reviews has never prevented them from doing what they love.  My advice for everyone is to not let negativity affect your passion of what you love to do.

Life Lesson #35: Bad Comments are meant to make you a stronger writer.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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