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The Finals Freak-Out




Dear Stress,

This week is finals week and I am in a very huge state of stress. So far, I am not worrying about my final exams in history, french, and biology. Although, I am worried  my final group project for my Anthropology class because of my group members.

Last Thursday, we all had discussed about what each of our jobs was going to be. Two of my group members are doing the researching and I am the PowerPoint designer so they will have to email me the information so I can type it to the PowerPoint.  Well its Sunday and I have not received any information from my group members yet. Our presentation is due Wednesday and it has been four days that my members have not emailed me their information. This is not a good sign.

I hate group projects! You never know who you will be grouping with. I thought I was grouped with students who are time-managed  and committed ,but they are last minute people. All my life, I have always been an organized-freak and always get my work done way before the deadlines. Call me a nerd ,but I take school and work seriously.

Doing things by last minute is like  a mighty stress-storm waiting to happen.

About my college life so far, I think I have seen more slackers in college more than high school!  As for me, I never have the guts to skip any of my college classes because I would hate to lose my credit points and I paid good money for those classes. I never want to risk anything against my GPA.  My G.P.A is my life ticket to success and acceptance.

I do not know about my group members’ life ,but they will have to hurry up and send me their notes or else I am going to need pillow to scream in. I refuse to do stuff by last minute ,but life can be unexpected so there is a high chance that it will happen.

My beautiful readers and followers, please pray for my group members and most importantly ME! haha

Life Lesson #32: Life can give you ups and downs. Either way, you will be just fine.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S: Have you ever had bad group members? Comment below because I will love to read about it.


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