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When The Truth Hurts


Dear Help,

When it comes to helping people, its easy to help by doing certain tasks for them ,but when it comes to helping them mentally, its hard and that person may no longer be around  because their feelings might be hurt.

For example:

1. Telling that person their lover is cheating on him/her.
2. Telling  he/she is being taken advantage of.
3. Telling that he/she that their friend is betraying him/her.
4. Telling that he/she about  their family members.
5. Telling the he/she of what you don’t like about him/her.

There are so many examples that I want to put on the list but I think we all can relate to it.

I had a few friends that I wanted to help mentally but I chose to stay quiet and have them live their lives because I don’t want to lose their friendship, but I hope sooner or later the issue will come to their senses .
Question: What’s the point of being a best friend or lover if you cannot tell them the truth about your feelings? Are we suppose to bottle up our feelings and have them look like clueless puppy?

There are some small things that I can let go but when it comes to my friends and family being taken advantage of or mistreated,  I have to speak.  I believe being a true friend is risking your friendship by telling them the truth. Who knows that person might thank you sooner or later. If that person does not want to be your friend anymore , then let them go because they do not appreciate your true friendship.

If any of you beautiful readers are dealing with this issue, all I have to say is that you can either risk it by telling the truth, or just remain quiet.

Life Lesson #31: The truth shall set you free , but it can sometimes come with consequences.

Thank you for reading,

Lady Elle~


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