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I Wave My American Flag To Boston


Dear Victory,

Good Day Beautiful readers and good victory I must say. In case little of you have been under-the-rock lately, one of the Boston, Massachusetts Marathon bombers was captured last Friday night. Last Friday, Mr. Bird (My boyfriend) and I were watching the whole search on the news all day and we were amazed how the Boston police department handled the suspect search situation.

What I was most amazed about was the celebration across the U.S when the Boston police finally custody of the suspect. Everyone was cheering for the police, waving our beautiful United States flag in a perfect unison.  That celebration made me feel more proud of being an American. I do not care what other people say. They can all talk harshly and bash about this country, American or not.  I feel as if we complain more than appreciate what we have. I know there are some things that we are not proud to see but overall we should think back through history on how much we have grown strongly, culturally, and independently.

To the victims of Boston Marathon Bombing, I advise you to stay strong and keep running. We must not let the tragic event change our way of living. In this country, we have faced a lot of tragedies and terrorism, and thanks to those horrible events, we are continuously getting stronger.

My reading audience, we must spread more love and peace to make the world a better place. Whatever evil thing that comes our way, we must move on and show what is right and wrong.

Life Lesson #31:  Love is the only way to get things done right, not evil.

Thanks For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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