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Harassed By A Jehovah’s Witness At Midnight


Dear Crazy,


Beautiful readers, do I have something crazy to write about for today’s blog post. Last night, I really thought that I was going to have to call the police on somebody, or threat that person myself.

Last night around 11:30 at night, I was asleep in my bed and was sleeping really good until I heard a doorbell . At first, I thought it was only the television, but my two dogs, Black & Chai began to bark loudly as if somebody was really at my front door.  I got up and went into another room so I can look through the window to see whom it was and I saw a near fifty-year-old black woman and her unfamiliar silver car parked on my driveway. Since I did not recognize the vehicle or the woman, I quietly went back to bed and thought  the person will go away soon, but I thought wrong.

The woman kept ringing the doorbell and the more I tried to ignore her the more she kept ringing my doorbell. Not only she kept ringing the doorbell, she was literally beating my door and shouting some random name “Janis” with her Jamaican accent!

I began to get scared and called my stepfather, but he did not pick up. Luckily, Mr.Bird (my boyfriend) picked up and quickly was on his way to my house. While he was on his way, I changed quickly  into my athletic wear and tennis shoes. Also, I went into my side draw and got my pocket knife just in case this crazy woman tries to break into the house ,because she was not going to barge in my house without a fight.

Few minutes later, everything began to be quiet. I looked out the window and the woman and her car was gone. She left and few seconds later Mr.Bird came to the rescue and checked around the house for me. As he was around the back of the house checking. I found two notes on my front porch.

The first note said:


After I read the first note, I already knew she went  to the wrong house because nobody in my house is named Cortez nor Janice.

I read the second note and it said:

(Ladies  & Gentlemen I do not reveal any real names so their real names are replaced with nicknames)




Jehovah’s Witness!  It was a Jehovah’s Witness that was harassing my house!  First of all, I have no negativity toward their religious faith because it’s their religion ,and I know some Jehovah witnesses are known to get people close to god and all ,but my question is: What makes you  think that you can harass somebody’s household in the middle of the night like that?!   I swear she was going to “witness” an ass whooping.

Mr. Bird called Vikki Blanc and told her that she was at the wrong house and did not have to right to do what she did especially in the middle of the night!  She apologized and we told her to next time to learn how to knock on the door during appropriate hours.

Crazy people these days~

I feel as if some people just do not know house to respect somebody’s household anymore. What that woman did was just rude. Religious person or not, I would of called the police and had her in jail.  What if there were children living in my house?

That woman had some nerve to do what she did and I hope that phone call taught her a lesson.

Speaking of lesson, here is a life lesson for her: If she ever comes back to my house, she will go to jail!

Life Lesson #30: The Freaks comes out at night.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S: I want to thank all of my reading audience for making my blog reach near 2,000 views. For most people it may not be a great thing ,but to me as a growing writer it means a lot to me completely. For my beautiful followers I want to thank you for continuing to read my blog post every week and I promise you all that you will enjoy every diary page of it.

My goal  for this blog is to entertain and give people inspiration and confidence of life as I grow and share my daily life lessons with my them.  I can see that by my blog statistics shows that I am doing a great thing and I appreciate it dearly.




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