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Can’t Blame Nobody But You

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Dear Human Habits,

Today’s blog post is going to be a good one because I want to reveal one of our main human habits.  So, I have question for all you beautiful readers:   Have you ever got mad and blame someone/something of your mistakes knowing that its was %100 percent your fault?

For example, let me tell you my story of what happened to me a few weeks ago. One morning I was ready to go to classes and could not find my car keys. I swore to myself that I placed my keys on the kitchen table the night before ,but my keys were not found on the table. I looked all over the house and re-traced my steps about ten times at the point I was pissed and frustrated. Finally, I looked inside my purse and there was my keys. I got upset and took my keys out of my purse and threw it hard on the floor.  In other words, I blamed my keys knowing that it was entirely  my fault that I misplaced them.

If you think that’s ridiculous then read the next example.

Few months ago, Mr. Bird (my boyfriend) and I went to FiveGuys Hamburgers & Fries and ordered two hamburgers. We have to wait for our food so the cashier gave us our order number so once she calls our number we can get out food. Five minutes later, the cashier called our  number and Mr. Bird went to get the food. He checked inside the bag and realized that she gave us the wrong order.  He let her know and what did she do?  She angrily fussed at him and blames him for picking up the wrong order.

So lets look at her mental-life math problem:

Cashier took our order + Gave us the wrong food = It was our fault?

No. She solved the problem wrong. The correct way is this:

Cashier took our order + Gave us the wrong food = It was clearly her damn fault.

For extra credit, she would of just apologize and gave us the right order without confrontation.

She pissed us off ,but she made us laugh  because she took all of  her anger on us knowing she should of been mad at herself.  The funniest part was when Mr. Bird and I looked at her like “Bitch, you called our number and gave us the wrong order.”   The way she just acted was rude and I would of reported her to the manager ,but we had a wedding reception to go to.

What a world we are living in ,huh? We are humans that are born to make mistakes so why can we not admit it in public? Also, why build up the anger on ourselves and spread it to another person?  Maybe because there are days when we are  just in a bad mood and want everyone to join in to make us  feel better.  That’s wrong.

If you get into a bad mood, my best advice is relax and maybe talk it about it with your family, or friend.  If you are one of the those people who has a habit of spreading the bad mood to someone else then you should isolate yourself from other people and relax until your mood is better.

If you  know the people that would usually get on your nerves, you can tell them directly that you are not in a good mood and hopefully that person understands and leaves you alone. If that person is still bugging you up to your boiling point, you have my permission to let your inner anger roar. Just think before say something that you might regret.

Life Lesson #28:  Think before you act.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S:  Have you ever dealt with the similar issues from this blog post? Comment & share below. I would love to hear about them.


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