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“Its My Life! Don’t You Forget!”

Self-Confidence (1)


Dear Life,

Well today is Wednesday and I have been on my feet getting errands and chores done. ..well except now because I am writing today’s blog post. Today so far has been hectic because I set my alarm at 5:30 AM on my phone and somehow the alarm did not go off and it made me wake up late for my french class. Good thing is that I made it to class early.

I love showing up to class early and getting work done early because I hate last-minute stuff. Call me a nerd if you like ,but at least I can balance my time wisely.  Procrastinating and doing stuff by last minute is just going to make things worse. Last minute stuff is for sure not acceptable when it comes to a job.

Speaking of jobs, I am a full-time student who has been trying to look for a job for the past year and a half. I applied , had interviews, but no call. Why? I’m not sure. I have no work experience whatsoever ,but I kept trying to sell myself and my conscious told me that this year is not the time. My conscious is right.

I think the only main reason that I wanted a job was to please people and  knowing myself,I am not made to please others of what they want me to do ,or be. I have learned that I can’t please everyone’s needs. Not my family, my friends, or others.

I am still young. I am a full -time student that can afford my years in college. I know I want work experience but that will have to wait because I have a job and that is to succeed in college until I graduate with my beautiful degree.  Sooner or later, I will feel ready for a career that is worth more than a regular part-time job.

For the young adults, do not stress about what others want you to do because its your life. You  got to do what it feels right. If there are things that you are not ready to do, don’t let it hurt you. Only time can tell that you are ready.

I feel people on earth are being pressured by the media and people on how a person should be ,do, and look like.  What is wrong with being ourselves? Is it a crime? No. So do not ever blame yourself for being you.

Life Lesson #27: Your life is the most important thing to treasure the most. Your life is owned by you, nobody else.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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