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Spring Cleaning Your Life


Dear Clean,

I am blogging from my cell phone ,although it is not the same as blogging by computer. However, it is useful when not at home.

Today feels like spring and springtime does not start until next week. As a  young writer, it feels good to write outside for a change. I love the warm feeling of the sun hitting my face and  the smell of fresh cut green grass. Also, a glass of iced mango tea would hit the spot.

Spring cleaning. Everyone thinks spring cleaning is just cleaning the house but to me, spring cleaning means cleaning life and start a new trend.

1. Do things you want to do that you have never done before.

2. Get what you want in life.

3. Forgiving your enemies and move on.

4. Make new friends and hobbies.

5. Taking care of yourself.

6. Cleaning and I mean labor work cleaning like your house. Did you know that a dirty house is a sign that your household and life is not in order. A clean house is a happy household and importantly a happy you.

Children if you ever wonder why your parents order you to clean your room, that is why.

Cleaness makes happy.

Life Lesson #26: A Clean house is an organized and well-balanced household.

Thanks For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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