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Oh My Blog! I Missed You!


Dear Life,

Guess who’s back? Lady Elle~ 

Wow, I am so happy to return to my blog  because these past two weeks, I have been busy from studying midterms to enjoying spring break. This week is still spring break ,but this time I can blog.

First of all, I want to say that I have made As and Bs on my midterm grades! How brilliant am I?! ego is spreading its aroma and its okay because there is nothing wrong with having an ego. In fact, all of us do so don’t deny it.  My ego aroma spreads when I achieve my goals and when I feel confident. Having a ego is a great self-esteem booster. Mr. Bird does it sometimes and sometimes I have to fan his ego aroma down. There are times when he have to fan mine down too.

Today, I feel refreshed. I woke up and drunk two cups of coffee from my first coffee maker. My grandmother gave me her small coffee maker because it made less coffee, but to me its a perfect size because I am the only one in my house that drinks coffee. My Mimi and stepfather are not strong coffee drinkers like me. They prefer the weak coffee like a cappuccino from a local gas station. Yuck~

I love my coffee maker. This year, I am thinking about creating coffee recipes of my own. I can be the creative barista of the family.  My family will crave for my coffee once I get better at it.

Lately, I have been exercising by jumping rope. I am not a gym person. I like to workout at home. I would dance to my energetic music (mostly Michael Jackson music). Recently, I have been jump roping because its more of my cup-of-tea and its fun! I love to jump rope to the beat of my music. I love it. When I jump rope, I can feel the burn in my arms, back, and legs.

This spring, I am going to give my bedroom a makeover. I was thinking about painting my walls black and white horizontal strips and maybe have one wall a pastel pink. I want to switch my brown furniture and place my mom’s white furniture in my room to match. My room is going to be classy-chic Hollywood Diva. I will have famous Hollywood star portraits  of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly. Also, I all add a Audrey Hepburn stand-up poster too. Great idea, isn’t it?! I am so excited.

Once its all done, I will be honored to post my new improved room on my blog. So stay turned folks~

Well that is all for today beautiful folks! I hope everyone is enjoying their spring break and spreading their ego aromas. haha

Life Lesson #25: Life is full of unexpected surprises that is worth waiting for.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S: Any creative ideas for my bedroom makeover? Comment below and I will love to read your ideas.


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